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SendGrid Markdown Demo

This is a demo showing how simple it is to use SendGrid with Node.js. Using a simple static file server and websockets, this demo takes emails written in Markdown and sends them using the SendGrid mail API in real time.


Check out the live demo here:

Install && Setup

This guide assumes you already have node and npm installed. If not, you should check out NVM which makes installing them super easy.

Step 1: Clone the repo

git clone git://
cd SendGrid-Markdown-Demo

Step 2: Install the dependencies

npm install

Step 3: Edit your SendGrid settings

Open up config.json in your favorite editor and fillout the settings.

  "fromAddress": "",
  "username": "your_sendgrid_username",
  "key": "your_sendgrid_key"

Step 4: Run locally

node server.js



If you already have the jitsu package installed, then it's as simple as:

jitsu deploy