A simple build status notifier powered by arduino. [WIP]
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A simple build status notifier powered by arduino. Testuino listens for a commit hook from Github and then runs the tests for the latest commit that came through. A yellow LED strobes to indicate when a build is in progress and when the build finishes, a buzzer sounds an either a green or red LED turns on to indicate the status. At the end of the build process, the owner of the branch gets an email (powered by SendGrid) updating them with the status.

NOTE: This is a work in progress. Right now Testuino only supports projects with a rake task for tests. Video and tutorial comming soon.



Want your own Testuino? Follow these instructions to get one up and running in no time.


In order to use Testuino, Github must be able to reach your local machine via a commit hook. If you don't have a public facing server, you can use the awesome localtunnel library to expose your localhost to the world.

1. Github setup

Under the admin panel of any repo, there is a tab called "Service Hooks" where you can manage webhooks from github to other services. We want to create a Webhook that points to our local Testuino server. Click on the "Webhook URLs" tab and fill in the url to your local server:


You can verify that this is working by clicking the "Test Hook" button.

2. Local setup

In order to recieve email notifications about your build statuses, you'll need to add your SendGrid credentials to your enviornment. You can either add them to you .bash_profile or export them like so:

export SENDGRID_USER=my_sendgrid_username
export SENDGRID_PASS=my_sendgrid_pass

All the git cloning is handled via ssh, so you'll want to make sure you can clone any repos you're using with Testuino before you run the server.


Instructions and schematics for the arduino portion comming soon!