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+# Testuino
+A simple build status notifier powered by arduino. Testuino listens for a commit
+hook from Github and then runs the tests for the latest commit that came through.
+A yellow LED strobes to indicate when a build is in progress and when the build
+finishes, a buzzer sounds an either a green or red LED turns on to indicate the
+status. At the end of the build process, the owner of the branch gets an email
+(powered by [SendGrid]( updating them with the status.
+## Setup
+Want your own Testuino? Follow these instructions to get one up and running in
+no time.
+### Server
+In order to use Testuino, Github must be able to reach your local machine via a
+commit hook. If you don't have a public facing server, you can use the awesome
+[localtunnel]( library to expose your localhost
+to the world.
+#### 1. Github setup
+Under the admin panel of any repo, there is a tab called "Service Hooks" where
+you can manage webhooks from github to other services. We want to create a
+Webhook that points to our local Testuino server. Click on the "Webhook URLs"
+tab and fill in the url to your local server:
+You can verify that this is working by clicking the "Test Hook" button.
+#### 2. Local setup
+In order to recieve email notifications about your build statuses, you'll need
+to add your [SendGrid]( credentials to your enviornment.
+You can either add them to you `.bash_profile` or export them like so:
+ export SENDGRID_USER=my_sendgrid_username
+ export SENDGRID_PASS=my_sendgrid_pass
+All the git cloning is handled via ssh, so you'll want to make sure you can
+clone any repos you're using with Testuino before you run the server.
+### Arduino
+*Instructions and schematics for the arduino portion comming soon!*
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