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examples Fixed key passing to GLUT key callback for ruby 1.9
lib Added error checking for GLU
test Fixed bug #23391 reported by Lyle Johnson
utils Fixed spec fetching script whitespace issues
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README.txt Updated doc
Rakefile Updated build system for binary gems



[ruby-opengl][] consists of Ruby extension modules that are bindings for
the [OpenGL][], GLU, and [GLUT][] libraries. It is intended to be a
replacement for -- and uses the code from -- [Yoshi's ruby-opengl][].

It's licensed under the MIT license. Please see the included MIT-LICENSE
file for the terms of the license.


[Yoshi's ruby-opengl]:

Current release: 0.60.1 (February 16, 2009)
This is maintenance release.

Changes in this release:
* Bugfixes
* Proper support for ruby 1.9/1.9.1+
* Updated OpenGL enumerators in preparation for OpenGL 3.0

Previous release: 0.60.0 (January 6, 2008)
Changes in this release:
* Automatic error checking for GL/GLU calls, enabled by default (see doc/tutorial)
* Added support for many more OpenGL extensions
* Support for Ruby 1.9.0+ (requires mkrf 0.2.3)
* Ton of bugfixes.<br><br>
<b>API Changes:</b>
* Boolean functions/parameters was changed to ruby true/false instead of GL\_TRUE / GL\_FALSE, which remains for compatibility
* glGet\* functions now returns x instead of [x] when returning only one value
* Functions operating on packed strings (glTexture, gl\*Pointer etc.) now also accepts ruby arrays directly
* Matrix handling functions now also accepts instances of Matrix class, or any class that can be converted to array
* glUniform\*v and glUniformmatrix\*v now does not require 'count' parameter, they will calculate it from length of passed array
* glCallLists needs type specifier (previously was forced to GL_BYTE)
* On ruby 1.9, glut keyboard callback returns char ("x") instead of integer so using 'if key == ?x' works on both 1.8 and 1.9
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