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Statistical Blackjack AI
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Statistical Blackjack AI


Implemented an blackjack game and AI by statistically modeling Hit and Stand probability. The implementation is based on C++.

In blackjack game, you can play with a total of 0 ~ 3 AI agents.

The source code consists of one file and it has 6 classes as follows:

  1. Cards, 2) Hand, 3) Player, 4) House, 5) Game, 6) AI.

Here are inheritance relations.

  1. Player inherits Hand
  2. AI inherits Player
  3. House inherits Player

How to run the code

Here is the way to run the code.

  • go to a working directory

  • compile the code

  • $g++ -std=c++11 black_jack black_jack.cpp

  • execute

  • $./black_jack

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