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All-in-one script for keeping up-to-date with the MiSTer ecosystem.

This script chains the following scripts:

  1. Main MiSTer Updater. Downloads most of cores and firmware. You are able to select between these two options:
  2. Jotego Cores Updater. Downloads many advanced cores made by Jotego.
  3. Unofficial Cores Updater. Downloads some cores that are not yet released but are fairly stable. Disabled by default.
  4. LLAPI Cores Updater. Downloads LLAPI cores which are compatible with BlisSTer and LLAMA. Disabled by default.
  5. BIOS Getter download bios for your installed systems from
  6. MAME and HBMAME Getter download roms from
  7. Names TXT Updater. Downloads a community curated names.txt file that enables better core names in the menus.
  8. Arcade Organizer. Creates a folder structure under _Arcade/_Organized for easy navigation to all the MRA files.

This script also contains some snippets from the Updater script maintained by Locutus73.


Download this ZIP file and extract to your /Scripts folder on your primary SD card.

Then turn on your MiSTer, go to the Scripts menu and run this script from there.

It will take around 30 minutes the first time you run it, but later runs should take much less time.

Alternative Setups

Other setups that might be useful for you:

  • JTBIN ZIP: Users that would like to download @jotego betas by default, can use this setup instead. You may also enable this option from the Settings Screen in the "Jotego Updater" submenu.
  • usb0 ZIP: For people using USB as primary storage. You will be able to run this script from there and install all cores, roms, and MRAs on /media/usb0.
  • DB9/SNAC8 ZIP: Enables Extended Native Controller Compatibility for Genesis and NeoGeo/Supergun controllers.

NOTE: You should extract also all the INI files contained in these.

MiSTer Offline Setup

Check updater-pc to download all the MiSTer files from your PC.

Useful if you can't connect your MiSTer to internet.

Further Configuration

In case you would like to configure Update All so it downloads exactly what you need, you can do it through the Settings screen.

settings screen

The Settings screen will show up if you press UP in your controller or keyboard during the countdown showing up right after starting in your MiSTer. Please, don't forget to select SAVE to keep all the changes you have done before leaving.


Consider funding Alexey Melnikov "Sorgelig" for his invaluable work on the MiSTer project.

Check also other core developers that you might want to support:

And finally, if you would like to support my work, you may tip me here:

Buy Me a Coffee at


Copyright © 2020-2021, José Manuel Barroso Galindo. Released under the GPL v3 License.


I take no responsibility for any data loss or any damage you may incur because of the usage of this script.

Please check the of the scripts being called by Update All: