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All-in-one script for keeping up-to-date with the MiSTer ecosystem.

This script runs the MiSTer Downloader tool configured with the following databases:

  1. Main Distribution. Downloads most essential files, including cores and firmware. You are able to select between two versions:
  2. JTCORES for MiSTer. Downloads many cores made by Jotego. You may select between two versions:
    • jtcores. Public cores only. [Default option]
    • jtpremium. Public + patreon-only cores in their latest versions.
  3. Names TXT. Downloads a complete names.txt file curated by Threepwood that enables better core names in the menus. [Disabled by default]
  4. BIOS Database. Downloads bios from for your installed systems. [Disabled by default]
  5. Arcade ROMs Database. Downloads arcade roms from that are compatible with MRAs. [Disabled by default]
  6. Unofficial Cores. A selection of curated databases that provide unofficial cores, including:
    1. Coin-Op Collection. Downloads cores developed by Darren and atrac17. [Default option]
    2. Arcade Offset. Downloads patched arcade games curated by atrac17. [Disabled by default]
    3. LLAPI Forks Folder. Downloads LLAPI cores which are compatible with BlisSTer and LLAMA. [Disabled by default]
  7. Unofficial Scripts. A selection of curated databases that provide unofficial scripts. [Disabled by default]

Additionally, this script also runs the Arcade Organizer. Which creates a folder structure under _Arcade/_Organized for easy navigation to all the MRA files.


Download this ZIP file and extract to your /Scripts folder on your primary SD card.

Then turn on your MiSTer, go to the Scripts menu and run this script from there.

It will take around 15 minutes the first time you run it, but later runs should take much less time.

Further Configuration

In case you would like to configure Update All so it downloads exactly what you need, you can do it through the Settings screen.

settings screen

The Settings screen will show up if you press UP in your controller or keyboard during the countdown showing up right after starting in your MiSTer. Please, don't forget to select SAVE to keep all the changes you have done before leaving.

PC Launcher (for Windows, Mac, and Linux)

Check MiSTer Downloader's PC Launcher to download all MiSTer files on your PC. Useful if you can't connect your MiSTer to the internet.

To install the same files that you get with Update All, use the same downloader.ini file that you have in your MiSTer at the root of the SD card. Keep in mind that Update All writes into that file every time you change something in the Settings Screen.


Consider funding Alexey Melnikov "Sorgelig" for his invaluable work on the MiSTer project.

Check also other core developers that you might want to support:

And finally, if you would like to support my work, you may also subscribe to my patreon here:

Supporters+ shout-out!

Daniel Tarsky, James D Eberhart, Koala Koa,, Tony Escobar, turbochop3300 and Wayne Booker

Thank you so much for supporting this project on Patreon! You'll show up here if you become a Supporter+!

Special thanks to Locutus73 for all his great work on the older Updater script. That Updater script is no longer used by Update All but it was an amazing source of inspiration.


Copyright © 2020-2022, José Manuel Barroso Galindo. Released under the GPL v3 License.


MiSTer Scripts are run with root access in a pretty powerful device that has internet access. Be careful and do proper research before running any script on your device.