A simple Java client for the TheySay Affectr API http://api.theysay.io
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A simple Java client for TheySay AffectR API.


The client has been tested on Java 1.7.0_60 on OS X 10.8.2.

The project is built with SBT 0.12.2 using the following dependencies:

"ch.qos.logback" % "logback-classic" % "1.0.12",
"com.mashape.unirest" % "unirest-java" % "1.3.8",
"net.sf.jopt-simple" % "jopt-simple" % "4.6",
"org.apache.commons" % "commons-lang3" % "3.1"

Running Examples

$ sbt
> compile
> run -b http://api.theysay.io/v1 -u yourUserName -p yourPassWord
> exit

Example.java submits the sample texts from Texts.java to TheySay AffectR API asynchronously and displays the results in the console.


Apache 2 Licence. Copyright 2014 TheySay Ltd.

For further details, see the LICENCE file.