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#include <gc.h>
#include "method.h"
#include "type.h"
Method new_method(const char * name) {
Method m = (Method)GC_MALLOC(sizeof(method));
m->type = TYPE_METHOD;
m->name = name;
m->callables = new_type_assoc();
return m;
Method get_method(void * p) {
return (Method)p;
int is_method(void * p) {
return get_type(p) == TYPE_METHOD;
void method_add_default(Method m, Callable c) {
default_type_assoc(m->callables, c);
void method_add_callable(Method m, Type t, Callable c) {
set_type_assoc(m->callables, t, c);
Callable method_get_callable(Method m, Type t) {
return get_type_assoc(m->callables, t);
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