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Camera Binding

The binding integrates simple IP base cameras.

Almost every IP camera has a simple HTTP access API defined by Urls to access at least static images. This binding supports these types of cameras for fetching and displaying images in a openHAB UI. At a later stage motion/change detectors might be added as well as video processing.

Supported Cameras

All cameras supporting simple HTTP based API fetching for JPG/PNG images. Please contact the author Thomas Hartwig thomas.hartwig@gmail.com for camera Url examples if not listed here.

Vendor Single snapshot URL Video capture (not yet supported)
Axis http://<CAMERA>/jpg/image.jpg
Bosch http://<CAMERA>/snap.jpg


Currently camera discovery is not supported, probably ONVIF might supported soon.

Thing Configuration

Currently a camera can be added and configured in the PaperUi for instance. Following parameters are supported:

  • Poll time: the update interval of the image to fetch from the camera
  • Snapshot Url: the url to fetch the image from see examples above
  • Username: username when the camera is protected, this uses the standard HTTP authorization protocol, however username and password might be specified via the Snapshot Url as a parameter, please check camera model documentation for correct parameter syntax
  • Password: password when the camera is protected



This is the base image channel which is updated periodically in the configured interval. This is currently the only supported channel.