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test using fulcro with expo/react-native
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$ yarn
$ shadow-cljs watch app
;; wait for first compile to finish or expo gets confused
$ yarn start

;; production build
$ shadow-cljs release app
;; no idea what to do for expo


The :app build will create an app/index.js. In release mode that is the only file needed. In dev mode the app directory will contain many more .js files.

:init-fn is called after all files are loaded and in the case of expo must render something synchronously as it will otherwise complain about a missing root component. The shadow.expo/render-root takes care of registration and setup.

You should disable the expo live reload stuff and let shadow-cljs handle that instead as they will otherwise interfere with each other.

Source maps don't seem to work properly. metro propably doesn't read input source maps when converting sources as things are correctly mapped to the source .js files but not their sources.

Initial load in dev is quite slow since metro processes the generated .js files.

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