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Test project using shadow-cljs to deploy using netlify automatic deploys via github.

Currently deployed to:

During development, start shadow-cljs in server mode and either use http://localhost:9630 to control builds or use additional terminals.

npm install
npx shadow-cljs server

Backend only really supports compile/release. watch is probably not gonna be all that reliable, didn't look further into it yet. The netlify-lambda util probably needs to be restarted when the lambda code is recompiled.

# different terminal
npx shadow-cljs compile lambda
npx netlify-lambda serve functions

Frontend can be development like normal. The built-in dev http server will proxy the function request to the running netlify-lambda process.

# different terminal
npx shadow-cljs watch frontend
open http://localhost:6500


Everything builds fine on its own but netlify currently only caches .m2 dependencies if a project.clj or build.boot file is found. We can work without cache but it makes the builds a bit slower if all the deps downloaded each time.

There doesn't seem to be a way to tell netlify to cache .shadow-cljs/builds so incremental builds are not supported and everything will always recompile from scratch. A typical deploy on this very simple project takes about 2 minutes.