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port latest core.specs.alpha

clojure 1.10-alpha7 otherwise breaks things because of some
renamed core specs which we referenced directly
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thheller committed Sep 5, 2018
1 parent f0dda3e commit 0416ea27e9a031c4a39c49df820855aa4b72575c
Showing with 92 additions and 16 deletions.
  1. +92 −16 src/main/shadow/cljs/devtools/cljs_specs.clj
@@ -2,35 +2,111 @@
(:require [clojure.spec.alpha :as s]
[clojure.core.specs.alpha :as cs]))

;; FIXME: remove once this is in cljs.core
;; these were copied from
;; minus the specs for `ns` since they are not compatible with string requires (and we already have some)

(s/fdef cljs.core/let
:args (s/cat :bindings ::cs/bindings
:body (s/* any?)))
;; not using the core.specs directly anymore since 1.10-alpha7 renamed a few specs
;; and broke the direct reference ::cs/args+body

(s/def ::local-name (s/and simple-symbol? #(not= '& %)))

(s/def ::binding-form
(s/or :local-symbol ::local-name
:seq-destructure ::seq-binding-form
:map-destructure ::map-binding-form))

;; sequential destructuring

(s/def ::seq-binding-form
(s/and vector?
(s/cat :forms (s/* ::binding-form)
:rest-forms (s/? (s/cat :ampersand #{'&} :form ::binding-form))
:as-form (s/? (s/cat :as #{:as} :as-sym ::local-name)))))

;; map destructuring

(s/def ::keys (s/coll-of ident? :kind vector?))
(s/def ::syms (s/coll-of symbol? :kind vector?))
(s/def ::strs (s/coll-of simple-symbol? :kind vector?))
(s/def ::or (s/map-of simple-symbol? any?))
(s/def ::as ::local-name)

(s/def ::map-special-binding
(s/keys :opt-un [::as ::or ::keys ::syms ::strs]))

(s/def ::map-binding (s/tuple ::binding-form any?))

(s/def ::ns-keys
(s/and qualified-keyword? #(-> % name #{"keys" "syms"}))
(s/coll-of simple-symbol? :kind vector?)))

(s/def ::map-bindings
(s/every (s/or :map-binding ::map-binding
:qualified-keys-or-syms ::ns-keys
:special-binding (s/tuple #{:as :or :keys :syms :strs} any?)) :kind map?))

(s/def ::map-binding-form (s/merge ::map-bindings ::map-special-binding))

;; bindings

(defn even-number-of-forms?
"Returns true if there are an even number of forms in a binding vector"
(even? (count forms)))

(s/def ::binding (s/cat :form ::binding-form :init-expr any?))
(s/def ::bindings (s/and vector? even-number-of-forms? (s/* ::binding)))

;; let, if-let, when-let

(s/fdef cljs.core/let
:args (s/cat :bindings ::cs/bindings
:body (s/* any?)))
:args (s/cat :bindings ::bindings
:body (s/* any?)))

(s/fdef cljs.core/if-let
:args (s/cat :bindings (s/and vector? ::cs/binding)
:then any?
:else (s/? any?)))
:args (s/cat :bindings (s/and vector? ::binding)
:then any?
:else (s/? any?)))

(s/fdef cljs.core/when-let
:args (s/cat :bindings (s/and vector? ::cs/binding)
:body (s/* any?)))
:args (s/cat :bindings (s/and vector? ::binding)
:body (s/* any?)))

;; defn, defn-, fn

(s/def ::param-list
(s/cat :params (s/* ::binding-form)
:var-params (s/? (s/cat :ampersand #{'&} :var-form ::binding-form)))))

(s/def ::params+body
(s/cat :params ::param-list
:body (s/alt :prepost+body (s/cat :prepost map?
:body (s/+ any?))
:body (s/* any?))))

(s/def ::defn-args
(s/cat :fn-name simple-symbol?
:docstring (s/? string?)
:meta (s/? map?)
:fn-tail (s/alt :arity-1 ::params+body
:arity-n (s/cat :bodies (s/+ (s/spec ::params+body))
:attr-map (s/? map?)))))

(s/fdef cljs.core/defn
:args ::cs/defn-args
:args ::defn-args
:ret any?)

(s/fdef cljs.core/defn-
:args ::cs/defn-args
:args ::defn-args
:ret any?)

(s/fdef cljs.core/fn
:args (s/cat :name (s/? simple-symbol?)
:bs (s/alt :arity-1 ::cs/args+body
:arity-n (s/+ (s/spec ::cs/args+body))))
:args (s/cat :fn-name (s/? simple-symbol?)
:fn-tail (s/alt :arity-1 ::params+body
:arity-n (s/+ (s/spec ::params+body))))
:ret any?)

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