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This directory contains a growing number (currently 119) of standalone example projects, including live online versions, build instructions and commented source code.

If you want to contribute an example, please get in touch via PR, issue tracker, email or twitter!

# Screenshot Name Description
001 adaptive-threshold Interactive image processing (adaptive threshold)
002 async-effect Minimal demo using interceptors with an async side effect
003 big-font Large ASCII font text generator using
004 bitmap-font Figlet-style bitmap font creation with transducers
005 canvas-dial Canvas based dial widget
006 cellular-automata 2D transducer based cellular automata
007 color-themes Probabilistic color theme generator
008 commit-heatmap Heatmap visualization of this mono-repo's commits
009 commit-table-ssr Filterable commit log UI w/ minimal server to provide commit history
010 crypto-chart Basic crypto-currency candle chart with multiple moving averages plots
011 devcards BMI calculator in a devcards format
012 dominant-colors Color palette generation via dominant color extraction from uploaded images
013 ellipse-proximity Interactive visualization of closest points on ellipses
014 fft-synth Interactive inverse FFT toy synth
015 geom-convex-hull Convex hull & shape clipping of 2D polygons
016 geom-fuzz-basics geom-fuzz basic shape & fill examples
017 geom-knn Doodle w/ K-nearest neighbor search result visualization
018 geom-knn-hash K-nearest neighbor search in an hash grid
019 geom-tessel Animated, recursive polygon tessellations
020 geom-voronoi-mst Poisson-disk shape-aware sampling, Voronoi & Minimum Spanning Tree visualization
021 gesture-analysis Mouse gesture / stroke analysis, simplification, corner detection
022 grid-iterators Visualization of different grid iterator strategies
023 hdom-basics Minimal hdom usage example
024 hdom-benchmark hdom update performance benchmark (old version)
025 hdom-benchmark2 hdom update performance benchmark w/ config options
026 hdom-canvas-clock Realtime analog clock demo
027 hdom-canvas-draw Interactive pattern drawing demo using transducers
028 hdom-canvas-particles 2D Bezier curve-guided particle system
029 hdom-canvas-shapes Various hdom-canvas shape drawing examples & SVG conversion / export
030 hdom-dropdown Custom dropdown UI component for hdom
031 hdom-dropdown-fuzzy Custom dropdown UI component w/ fuzzy search
032 hdom-dyn-context Using custom hdom context for dynamic UI theming
033 hdom-elm Using hdom in an Elm-like manner
034 hdom-inner-html Higher-order component for rendering HTML strings
035 hdom-local-render Isolated, component-local DOM updates
036 hdom-localstate UI component w/ local state stored in hdom context
037 hdom-skip Skipping UI updates for selected component(s)
038 hdom-skip-nested Skipping UI updates for nested component(s)
039 hdom-theme Example for themed components proposal
040 hdom-toggle Customizable slide toggle component demo
041 hdom-vscroller Virtual scroller component for large tables / lists
042 hiccup-canvas-arcs Animated arcs & drawing using hiccup-canvas
043 hydrate-basics Hiccup / hdom DOM hydration example
044 imgui Canvas based Immediate Mode GUI components
045 imgui-basics Minimal IMGUI usage example
046 interceptor-basics Event handling w/ interceptors and side effects
047 interceptor-basics2 Event handling w/ interceptors and side effects
048 iso-plasma Animated sine plasma effect visualized using contour lines
049 json-components Transforming JSON into UI components
050 kmeans-viz k-means clustering visualization
051 login-form Basic SPA example with atom-based UI router
052 mandelbrot Worker based, interactive Mandelbrot visualization
053 markdown Markdown to Hiccup to HTML parser / transformer
054 multitouch Basic rstream-gestures multi-touch demo
055 package-stats CLI util to visualize umbrella pkg stats
056 parse-playground Parser grammar livecoding editor/playground & codegen
057 pixel-basics Pixel buffer manipulations
058 pixel-dither Showcase of various dithering algorithms
059 pixel-indexed Image dithering and remapping using indexed palettes
060 pixel-normal-map Normal map creation/conversion basics
061 pixel-sorting Interactive pixel sorting tool using &
062 pointfree-svg Generate SVG using pointfree DSL
063 poisson-circles 2D Poisson-disc sampler with procedural gradient map
064 poly-spline Polygon to cubic curve conversion & visualization
065 porter-duff Port-Duff image compositing / alpha blending
066 ramp-synth Unison wavetable synth with waveform editor
067 rasterize-blend Steering behavior drawing with alpha-blended shapes
068 rdom-basics Demonstates various rdom usage patterns
069 rdom-delayed-update Dynamically loaded images w/ preloader state
070 rdom-dnd rdom drag & drop example
071 rdom-lissajous rdom & hiccup-canvas interop test
072 rdom-search-docs Full umbrella repo doc string search w/ paginated results
073 rdom-svg-nodes rdom powered SVG graph with draggable nodes
074 rotating-voronoi Animated Voronoi diagram, cubic splines & SVG download
075 router-basics Complete mini SPA app w/ router & async content loading
076 rstream-dataflow Minimal rstream dataflow graph
077 rstream-event-loop Minimal demo of using rstream constructs to form an interceptor-style event loop
078 rstream-grid Interactive grid generator, SVG generation & export, undo/redo support
079 rstream-hdom rstream based UI updates & state handling
080 rstream-spreadsheet rstream based spreadsheet w/ S-expression formula DSL
081 scenegraph 2D scenegraph & shape picking
082 scenegraph-image 2D scenegraph & image map based geometry manipulation
083 shader-ast-canvas2d 2D canvas shader emulation
084 shader-ast-evo Evolutionary shader generation using genetic programming
085 shader-ast-noise HOF shader procedural noise function composition
086 shader-ast-raymarch WebGL & JS canvas2D raymarch shader cross-compilation
087 shader-ast-sdf2d WebGL & JS canvas 2D SDF
088 shader-ast-tunnel WebGL & Canvas2D textured tunnel shader
089 shader-ast-workers Fork-join worker-based raymarch renderer (JS/CPU only)
090 shader-graph Minimal shader graph developed during livestream #2
091 soa-ecs Entity Component System w/ 100k 3D particles
092 spline-tangent Compute cubic spline position & tangent using Dual Numbers
093 stratified-grid 2D Stratified grid sampling example
094 svg-barchart Simplistic SVG bar chart component
095 svg-particles Basic 2D particle system w/ SVG shapes
096 svg-resample SVG path parsing & dynamic resampling
097 svg-waveform Additive waveform synthesis & SVG visualization with undo/redo
098 talk-slides hdom based slide deck viewer & slides from my ClojureX 2018 keynote
099 text-canvas 3D wireframe textmode demo
100 text-canvas-image Textmode image warping w/ 16bit color output
101 todo-list Obligatory to-do list example with undo/redo
102 transducers-hdom Transducer & rstream based hdom UI updates
103 triple-query Triple store query results & sortable table
104 unbiased-normals Visual comparison of biased vs. unbiased normal vectors projected on the surface of a sphere
105 webgl-channel-mixer rdom & WebGL-based image channel editor
106 webgl-cube WebGL multi-colored cube mesh
107 webgl-cubemap WebGL cube maps with async texture loading
108 webgl-float-fbo Drawing to floating point offscreen / multi-pass shader pipeline
109 webgl-grid WebGL instancing, animated grid
110 webgl-msdf WebGL MSDF text rendering & particle system
111 webgl-multipass Minimal multi-pass / GPGPU example
112 webgl-shadertoy Shadertoy-like WebGL setup
113 webgl-ssao WebGL screenspace ambient occlusion
114 wolfram 1D Wolfram automata with OBJ point cloud export
115 xml-converter XML/HTML/SVG to hiccup/JS conversion
116 zig-canvas Zig-based DOM creation & canvas drawing app
117 zig-cellular Zig-based 2D multi-behavior cellular automata
118 zig-counter Simple Zig/WASM click counter DOM component
119 zig-todo-list Zig-based To-Do list, DOM creation, local storage task persistence