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Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. See Conventional Commits for commit guidelines.

0.1.2 (2019-07-12)

Note: Version bump only for package

0.1.1 (2019-07-08)

Note: Version bump only for package

0.1.0 (2019-07-07)

Bug Fixes

  • webgl: also disable prefixes in prepareShaderSource() (18ca4b5)
  • webgl: apply ModelSpec mode in compileModel, fix/simplify draw fns (67334a6)
  • webgl: EXPORT_FRAGCOL webgl2 default out (684e7fc)
  • webgl: gl2 texStorage2D() levels (3d36527)
  • webgl: uniform array & output var handling (7e559a1)
  • webgl: update GPGPU texture & shader handling (ce286ad)
  • webgl: update lambert shader preset (2fea507)
  • webgl: update texture mipmap config & handling (2a5b87f)


  • webgl: add (incomplete) texture format specs (cf7c408)
  • webgl: add ALIAS_TEXTURE GLSL macro (4640ce4)
  • webgl: add AttribPool support, update shader ext handling, add screen2d() (f8081f2)
  • webgl: add cube modelspec factory (29791fd)
  • webgl: add cubemap support & cubeMap() factory fn (ad43a1c)
  • webgl: add glCanvas() extension support (07edcd0)
  • webgl: add glCanvas() factory fn & WebGLCanvasOpts (a60eb2e)
  • webgl: add gpgpu skeleton (582b57a)
  • webgl: add GPGPU texture config support (393e04e)
  • webgl: add IDeref support for uniform values (d7679d6)
  • webgl: add initial AttribPool & VAO support, update ModelSpec & draw fns (41cf85f)
  • webgl: add more GLSL/WebGL2 types (648ed52)
  • webgl: add option to throw error if missing GL extension (b5da3b2)
  • webgl: add screen2d() arity to extract screen size from gl ctx (7f38f10)
  • webgl: add texture format consts / decls, GLSL types (b243ebb)
  • webgl: add texture gens, add opt uv support for lambert shader (4a1a5b9)
  • webgl: add texture lookup shader snippets (8af4943)
  • webgl: add webgl resource factory fns, update buffer() arg order (131e551)
  • webgl: add WebGL2 support for FBO/Texture, add floatTexture() ctor fn (8941d82)
  • webgl: allow depth textures as fbo depth buffer, various refactorings (d72ca70)
  • webgl: convert fullscreen quad into fn, uv's optional (610f37b)
  • webgl: import webgl pkg, ported & updated from CLJ (f4c0634)
  • webgl: initial integration of shader-ast (73faffd)
  • webgl: TS strictNullChecks, assertions, minor type updates (ad672c7)
  • webgl: update GLSL syntax impls, migrate Shader.fromSpec() (02f94d7)
  • webgl: update GLSL_HEADER & LAMBERT shader preset (05f5059)
  • webgl: update shaderSourceFromAST(), update shader presets, remove prefixes (6aa5715)
  • webgl: update uniform setters, update deps (2be6a23)
  • webgl: update/add array type UniformDecl's (1f19196)
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