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(ns ws-ldn-2.core
[ws-ldn-2.utils :as utils]
[ :as ld]
[ :as qviz]
[ :as v]
[compojure.core :refer [GET]]
[com.stuartsierra.component :as comp]
[ring.util.response :as resp]
[ring.util.mime-type :as mime]
[ :refer [sh]]
[ :as io]
[clojure.pprint :refer [pprint]]
[ :refer (refresh)]
[taoensso.timbre :refer [debug info warn]])
[ StringBufferInputStream ByteArrayInputStream]
[ GZIPInputStream]))
;; additional HTTP handlers
(defn homepage-redirect
"Simple 302 redirect handler for / route."
[& _]
(GET "/" [] (fn [req] {:status 302 :headers {"Location" "/index.html"}})))
(defn queryviz-handler
"Higher order handler fn for visualizing fabric query spec using Graphviz dot.
Fn is first called during fabric.ld system setup and provided with
handler config, graph model, prefix, query and inference rule
registries. Returns actual handler fn."
[_ model _ _ _]
(GET "/queryviz" []
(fn [req]
;; request param coercions
{:spec :edn}
;; request param validation spec
{:spec :query
:format (v/member-of #{"png" "jpg" "svg"})}
;; actual handler (only executed if validation succeeds)
(fn [_ {:keys [spec format] :as params}]
(let [query (ld/transform-query model spec)
;; generate graphviz source from query spec
dot (qviz/query->graphviz query)
;; call graphviz dot shell command with generated string
;; as input and capture output as byte array
img-bytes (:out (sh "dot"
(str "-T" format)
:in (StringBufferInputStream. dot)
:out-enc :bytes))]
;; response map with image bytes as input stream
;; mime type set based on given image format
{:status 200
:body (ByteArrayInputStream. img-bytes)
:headers {"Content-type" (mime/default-mime-types format)}}))))))
;; component system lifecycle control fns
(def system "Component system map" nil)
(defn gzip-input-stream
[path] (-> path io/resource io/input-stream GZIPInputStream.))
(defn init
"Initializes custom fabric.ld component system based on default config,
but with different data and extra queries, handlers"
(let [config (merge-with
{:graph {:import ^:replace [[:ntriples (gzip-input-stream "data/london-boroughs.nt.gz")]
[:edn (gzip-input-stream "data/sales-2013.edn.gz")]]}
:queries {:specs (read-string (slurp (io/resource "data/queries.edn")))}
:handler {:inject-routes [queryviz-handler homepage-redirect]}
:log {:fn (constantly (fn [_]))}})]
(taoensso.timbre/set-level! :info)
(pprint config)
(alter-var-root #'system (constantly (ld/make-system config)))))
(defn start
[] (alter-var-root #'system comp/start))
(defn stop
[] (alter-var-root #'system (fn [s] (when s (comp/stop s)))))
(defn launch
(defn reset
(refresh :after 'ws-ldn-2.core/launch))
(defn -main
[& args] (launch))