Learning Haskell: A maze game
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Making a maze game in order to learn Haskell.


  • Player is represented by '@'.
  • Player can move around pressing W, A, S and D keys.
    • Can move only on top of walkable floor (represented by '.').
  • Player can quit the game pressing Q key.
  • To win the game, move on top of exit (represented by '!').



  • Movement: W, A, S, D.
  • Quitting: Q.
  • Winning: Moving onto '!'.
  • World parsing: Matrix of char -> World.
  • Line of sight: Bresenham's algorithm.
  • Fog of war: Seen objects are grayed out when they go out of sight.
  • Draw walkable floor: Walkable floor ('.') is not the same as empty space (' '); Empty space do not block vision but can't be moved onto.
  • User interface (world display area, controls, message area): ASCII art.
  • World scrolling: Player is always at the center of the screen.
  • Console user interface: For old school lovers, has a buffer problem on Windows, need to press enter after every move.
  • OpenGL user interface: Not super sexy, but has nicer graphics than the Console version, no buffer problems on Windows and a move-transition animation.
    • Background music: over-bad OpenMPT music made by the greatest composer of all history: myself.
    • Animation: the player has an animation of two sprites.

Things to do

  • Improve user interfaces code: Make a core game module that handles the state of the game. The user interfaces modules should only provide "receive input" and "render" functions.
  • Improve OpenGL user interface code: make a monad, just like DuDuHoXConsoleM, but for the OpenGL version that handles, for example, textures.
  • Improve animations on OpenGL interface.
    • OpenGL user interface code is really ugly :(
  • Add support for joystick.
  • Graphical world editing: Create new worlds inside the game.
  • Save game: Save your progress and resume later.
  • Interactive objects: keys and doors.
  • Circuits: Add levers connected to doors.