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Dmitrii Sorin 1999
Software engineer at Atlassian Sydney. Previously Yandex Moscow

Atlassian Australia, Sydney

Dave Syer dsyer
Founder of Spring Cloud, Spring Boot, Spring Batch, and an active contributor to Spring Integration, Spring Framework, Spring AMQP, Spring Security.

Pivotal London

Carolyn Van Slyck carolynvs
Professional Yak Shaver

@Azure Chicago, IL

Olivier Poitrey rs
Director of Engineering at Netflix Co-Founder & ex-CTO of Dailymotion

Netflix Silicon Valley, California, USA

Guilherme Pacheco gfpacheco
Creative programmer

Full Stack Developer @mobLee Florianópolis

Marcelo Aymone aymone
Mainly backend developer, also interested in linux, cloud, automation and client side frameworks.

Florianópolis/SC - Brasil

Luis Oliveira lgvo

Amazon Cape Town, South Africa

Dominic Gannaway trueadm
Currently an engineer on the React core team at @facebook. Author of @infernojs and t7. Enjoys coding + being a Dad.

@facebook London, United Kingdom

Luciano Antonio Borguetti Faustino lborguetti

Neoway Business Solution Florianópolis, SC, Brazil

Coraline Ada Ehmke CoralineAda
Code witch. Ruby Hero. Speaker, writer, activist. @CoralineAda on Twitter.

Chicago, IL

Dave Cheney davecheney
More Cowbell

CSRF for social change Sydney, Australia

Ian Blenke ianblenke
6502 hack living in a cloud computing world

VTCSecure LLC Tampa, FL

Thales Mello thalesmello
Computer engineer with an interest in data infrastructure, statistics, programming languages and Vim.

@pagarme Brazil - São Paulo

Annie Hedgpeth anniehedgpeth
Cloud Automation Engineer

10th Magnitude DFW, Texas

Avelino avelino
@golang (Gopher)/ @racket @clojure (λ) evangelist

@nuveo @levpay Thais, Tibia

JP Richardson jprichardson
The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks.

Exodus - @ExodusMovement Nebraska

Marcos Nils marcosnils
🍻 🍷 ⛵️ 💪 🏂 ⚽️ and some 💻. 🇦🇷

Mantika Buenos Aires

Jess Frazelle jessfraz
A superhero with supervillain tendencies. Keyser Söze of containers.

@Microsoft PID 1

Ivan Žužak izuzak
Platform support @github ⚡ Happy person 🍲

@github Zurich, Switzerland

Dan Abramov gaearon
Working on @reactjs. Co-author of Redux and Create React App. Building tools for humans.

@facebook London, UK

Maja Wichrowska majapw

Airbnb San Francisco, CA

KubeKween carlisia
@heptio engineer, all things Heptio Ark and @kubernetes.

@heptio California

Steve Francia spf13
@golang at @google • Author, Speaker, Developer • Creator of Hugo, Cobra & spf13-vim • former Docker & MongoDB

@Google NYC

Fatih Arslan fatih
Software Engineer. Gopher and Coffee geek. Creator of vim-go. Tool maker.

@DigitalOcean Ankara, Turkey

Pedro Teixeira pgte
Software Engineer at Protocol Labs. Author of some open-source, author of the Node Tuts screencast show, the Node Patterns book. Founder of the LXJS.

@ipfs Funchal, Portugal

Collin Estes CollinEstes

MRI Technologies - NASA Houston TX

ashley williams ashleygwilliams
a mess like this is easily five to ten years ahead of its time. @rustlang core. rustWASM WG. former @nodejs director, @npmjs.

@rust-lang NYC

Dave Herman dherman

LinkedIn San Francisco, CA

Solomon Hykes shykes

Docker San Francisco, CA

Matias Woloski woloski

Auth0 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Pete Hunt petehunt
CEO @ Smyte, ex-React team at Facebook

Smyte San Francisco, CA

Tomás Senart tsenart
Lucid ramblings in time and space.
Tianon Gravi tianon
bashochist; debian, dragon, father, gentoo, go, perl, tron, vim; basically nine years old; he/him or they/them


Brad Fitzpatrick bradfitz
I work on @golang at @google. My side project is @perkeep.

Google Seattle (mostly), San Francisco (less)

Lucas Fernandes da Costa lucasfcosta
Brazilian, open source evangelist and professional problem solver. Chai.js and Sinon.js maintainer. I strive to be lazy.

@converge-io London, United Kingdom

Diogo Moretti diogomoretti
I love the web / Front-end Engineer at @d3estudio / Pearl Jam Fan / Organizer of @frontinfloripa / Founder of @floripajs / Member of @frontendbr

@d3estudio Florianópolis/SC - Brazil

Bruno Buccolo buccolo

@printbear São Paulo, Brazil