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Development guidelines


  • __tests__ - test scripts
  • bin - executable script
  • data - data files used by the tool
  • dist - output directory - contains generared js and json files
  • docs - documentation files
  • lib - adapted third party libraries
  • media - images or any other multimedia files
  • modules - modules of the project
  • plugins - plugins

Getting started

Install dependencies

$ npm install

Install tools

$ npm install -g typescript@3.0.1 jest ts-jest


npm run start

Building (when needed)

npm run build

How to run the tests

$ npm run test

Pointing the CLI to the source code

Whether you wish the concordia command to execute directly from your source code, go to the project root folder then run

npm link

To unlink it later, go to the project root folder then run

npm unlink

Pull Requests

Before submitting a Pull Request, make sure that:

  1. You added tests that verify the change or the new feature.
  2. All the test pass.
  3. You have updated the language files, if the language changed.
  4. You have updated the language documentation files, if the language changed:
  • Language file is updated, if the language changed.
    • Please update translations (e.g., if you can.
  • Actions file is updated, if some action was added.
    • Please update translations (e.g., if you can.
  1. You have updated all the corresponding JavaScript and JSON files to /dist.
  2. You have prepared a high-level description of the changes made and referenced any corresponding Issues.

Commit rules

Please follow these rules.

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Coding style

Use our coding style.

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