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Available plug-ins

Currently available plug-ins are:

Plug-in Target Applications Frameworks Generated Language
codeceptjs-webdriverio web CodeceptJS and WebDriverIO JavaScript
codeceptjs-appium mobile, desktop CodeceptJS and Appium JavaScript


  1. WebDriverIO requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE). You must install JRE before installing the plug-in.

  2. Appium uses WebDriverIO only if you want to test web-based mobile or desktop applications. Native mobile applications or native desktop applications do not require Java.

  3. Any other needed dependencies are installed automatically, in order to make the setup process simpler.

Please tell us whether you created a new plug-in by opening an issue for it!


For the following commands, please consider that <plugin> is the plug-in name and that it is optional if you set the plugin property in the configuration file.

You may omit concordialang- from a plug-in name.


Uses an installed plug-in to generate and run test scripts.

concordia --plugin <plugin>

To avoid generating test scripts:

concordia --plugin <plugin> --no-script

To avoid running test scripts:

concordia --plugin <plugin> --no-run


Installs a plug-in available at NPM.

concordia --plugin-install <plugin>


Gives you a list of the installed plug-ins:

concordia --plugin-list


Gives you information about an installed plug-in:

concordia --plugin-about <plugin>


Starts a test server of an installed plug-in.

We recommend to run it in a separate terminal/console since it usually blocks the terminal/console.

concordia --plugin-serve <plugin>

Note: To stop the test server later, type Ctrl + C.


Uninstall a plug-in.

concordia --plugin-uninstall <plugin>


Please see the Issue #39 for a list of desired plug-ins.

Would you like to create a plug-in for a different framework or programming language? We would love it! 💖

See how to create a plug-in.


  1. I have a desktop application. Can I test it with one of the available plug-ins?

    Yes, you can. Please see in the list of available plug-ins for those that support desktop applications.

  2. My application is not developed with JavaScript. Can I test it with a plug-in that generates JavaScript test scripts?

    Yes, you can. Usually the produced test scripts will interface with a test server or driver that controls your application directly or by controlling a browser, device emulator or device in which it runs.

  3. Is it difficult to create a plug-in? How is it?

    No, it's not. Basically you have to transform a JSON (that contains all the data that you need) into source code, run the framework or tool that will execute the source code, and read the test results. See more details.

  4. Can I create a plug-in that generates source code to a language other than JavaScript?

    Yes, please! We'll really love it!

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