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Client for Amazon MWS API
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PHP Client for Amazon MWS API

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What for?

This repository was previsouly hosted at Weengs Github account and was transfered to me.

We got very disappointed with the official PHP client Amazon offers on their docs and decided to write a simple client based on Guzzle that is good for PHP 7 projects. This project is based on the official client. The idea is to just hide all the nitty-gritty of handling requests and have as little abstraction as possible, basically you pass the request params and get a XML object or tab-delimited flat file.

Check their documentation and scratchpad to learn all available actions and their request params:


  • PHP >= 7.0
  • Guzzle 6


composer require thiagomarini/amazon-mws-client


// instantiate the client with your credentials
$client = new AmazonMwsClient(
    'access key',
    'secret key',
    'seller id',
    ['marketplace id'],
    'mws auth token'

// List orders
$optionalParams = [
    'CreatedAfter'  => '2017-09-30T23:00:00Z', // dates should always be in ISO8601 format
    'CreatedBefore' => '2017-10-23T23:00:00Z',

var_dump($client->send('ListOrders', '/Orders/2013-09-01', $optionalParams));

How to contribute

Pull requests are welcome :)



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