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#lang racket
(require gregor)
(define (diff-dates f s)
(- (->jdn s) (->jdn f)))
(define (how-old-days bday cur-date)
(diff-dates bday cur-date))
(define (get-last-bday bday cur-date)
(let ([last-bday
(date (->year cur-date) (->month bday) (->day bday))])
(if (date>? last-bday cur-date)
(date (- (->year cur-date) 1) (->month bday) (->day bday))
(define (how-old-year bday last-bday cur-date)
(- (->year last-bday) (->year bday))
(diff-dates last-bday cur-date)
(define (show-age name y m d)
(let* (
[bday (date y m d)]
[cur-date (->date (now))]
[last-bday (get-last-bday bday cur-date)]
[num-days (how-old-days bday cur-date)]
[year-and-day (how-old-year bday last-bday cur-date)]
(displayln name)
(printf " ~a days\n" num-days)
(printf " ~a years ~a days\n" (car year-and-day) (cadr year-and-day))
(displayln "------------------------------")
(show-age "Thiago" 1981 07 30)
(show-age "Adriana" 1980 9 7)
(show-age "Sofia" 2008 7 30)
(show-age "Julia" 2010 8 30)
(show-age "Vo Vera" 1928 12 14)
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