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Password Generator

A Python script to generate strong passwords that are easy to remember.

Inspired by xkcd:

xkcd password strength



It uses a file called wordlist.txt in the same directory as source for the words to be used. In the package I included a list based on the Oxford 3000, but you can use any other list.

PyCrypto (optional)

It's highly recommended that you install PyCrypto, so the random number generator is cryptographically secure. It will work without it as well, defaulting to Python's own random module.

> pip install pycrypto


> easy_install pycrypto


Usage is simple:

> ./generate_password.py
correcthorsebatterystaple correct.horse.battery.staple

You can also generate passwords with a different number of words:

> ./generate_password.py -w 3
philosophyobviousfancy philosophy.obvious.fancy

You also can put constraints on the length of the words to be used, for instance to only consider words that are 3 to 5 letters long:

> ./generate_password.py --min-word-length 3 --max-word-length 5
backpintwrapready back.pint.wrap.ready

Use this carefully, as it might reduce the number of possible words a LOT, resulting in weaker passwords.

Or generate a couple of passwords at the same time to pick one you like:

> ./generate_password.py -n 10
developmentfalseorganizedonly  development.false.organized.only
shapekilometrecontrastcouncil  shape.kilometre.contrast.council
woundtheorybulletgovernor      wound.theory.bullet.governor
playerderivetwiststressed      player.derive.twist.stressed
destroyleanindependencehearing destroy.lean.independence.hearing
carelessbelllisthang           careless.bell.list.hang
handleinvolvementheavenbeside  handle.involvement.heaven.beside
restrictedworsemeandouble      restricted.worse.mean.double
extremetransparentrollscrew    extreme.transparent.roll.screw
scaredvalidjewellerycrop       scared.valid.jewellery.crop

Furthermore it can give you some more information about the generated password(s):

> ./generate_password.py -v
cableheatingtailcombination cable.heating.tail.combination
length: 27 chars, size: 127 bits, strength: 47 bits

Finally it has a mode to output all passwords and their info in a tab-separated list for further processing. For instance to sort by length:

> ./generate_password.py -w 2 -n 8 -l | sort -nk 3
sidegreat  side.great	9	43	24
commitonce	commit.once	10	48	24
listenslow	listen.slow	10	48	24
ruinforget	ruin.forget	10	48	24
easilyplant	easily.plant	11	52	24
measureborder	measure.border	13	62	24
determineactor	determine.actor	14	66	24
vehicleleading	vehicle.leading	14	66	24