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This module enables and configures a vsftpd FTP server instance.

  • vsftpd : Enable and configure the vsftpd FTP server


With all of the module's default settings :

include vsftpd

Tweaking a few settings (have a look at manifests/init.pp to know which directives are supported as parameters) :

class { 'vsftpd':
  anonymous_enable  => 'NO',
  write_enable      => 'YES',
  ftpd_banner       => 'Marmotte FTP Server',
  chroot_local_user => 'YES',

For any directives which aren't directly supported by the module, use the additional directives hash parameter :

class { 'vsftpd':
  ftpd_banner => 'ASCII FTP Server',
  directives  => {
    'ascii_download_enable' => 'YES',
    'ascii_upload_enable'   => 'YES',

And if you really know what you are doing, you can use your own template or start with an empty one which is provided (see vsftpd.conf(5)) in order to have all configuration passed in the directives hash :

class { 'vsftpd':
  template   => 'vsftpd/empty.conf.erb',
  directives => {
    'ftpd_banner'        => 'Upload FTP Server',
    'listen'             => 'YES',
    'tcp_wrappers'       => 'YES',
    'anon_upload_enable' => 'YES',
    'dirlist_enable'     => 'NO',
    'download_enable'    => 'NO',