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Mobile application allowing the user to add any stock quote and see all of its details: current price, price over time, volumes, change, ...
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Stock Hawk

StockHawk is an Android application which gets the price and change of any stock on the market in real time. Add a new stock by clicking on the + sign and typing the stock symbol. Click on a stock to see its details.

This app was made during a project with Udacity Android Nanodegree Program.

Get it on Google Play


  • Make your own list of stocks.
  • Display your stocks in a fully functional widget on your home screen.
  • Get a detailed page for each stock showing the price over time, value and change.
  • Choose the price graph time period: 1-5 days, 1-6 months, 1-5 years.
  • Two-pane mode available for tablets in Portrait and Landscape Mode
  • Data extracted from the Yahoo Finance API
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