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This gem adds bulk import functionality to ActiveRecord model using the fast MySQL's 'LOAD DATA INFILE' feature. This gem code is largely inspired by the import_with_load_data_in_file plugin. (thanks Paolo Dona)


Install the gem from github

gem install guillaumegentil-import_fu --source

Add the gem to your Rails environment.rb file:

config.gem "guillaumegentil-import_fu", :lib => "import_fu", :source => ""

Include import_fu in your ActiveRecord Model:

class Foo < ActiveRecord::Base
  include ImportFu


Import from an array of values

columns = [:name, :size]
values = [["toto", "32"],
          ["tata", "33"]]

Foo.import columns, values

Import from a csv file (MySQL needs to have access on this file, so be sure it has the proper ownership/permissions)

columns = [:name, :size]

Foo.import columns, '/path/of/a/csv'


By default ImportFu adds timestamps values ( when importing from an array, this can be avoided with:

Foo.import columns, values, :timestamps => false

By default ImportFu does NOT reformat values passed in the array (like Time or Data value), if you want the reformat use:

Foo.import columns, values, :format => true

By default ImportFu does NOT replace already existing values in database and ignores them (like values with an id already used), if you want the replace behavior use:

Foo.import columns, values, :replace => true

If your Rails app and your MySQL database are on the same machine, you can speed up the import by passing:

Foo.import columns, values, :local => true


Thibaud Guillaume-Gentil