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Changes since 0.9.1 (2010-08-25):
* Fix missing .any? on method chain in check for mw in association macros.
Changes since 0.9.0 (2010-08-24):
* Check for use of MetaWhere in association macros. This won't work as expected
so it's better to raise a helpful error than create a potentially confusing
Changes since 0.5.2 (2010-07-09):
* Removed autojoin. Inner joins have side-effects. Newbies are the ones who aremost
likely to use autojoin, and they're also the ones least likely to understand why
certain rows stop being returned. Better to force a small learning curve. I've
decided against leaving it in with deprecation since Rails 3 isn't final yet.
Decided to get it out before it's "too late" to do so without impacting code running
on a stable version of Rails.
* Refactored build_arel to more closely mirror the refactoring that's been going on
to the method in Rails edge.
* Improved merge functonality. It shouldn't have ever required someone to do an
autojoin to begin with. Now it just works. If you're merging two relations, you
should expect to only get results that have a match on both sides.
* Attempt to gracefully degrade in the case where a MetaWhere::Column is expected
to be a normal symbol. Return the column name in #to_s.
* Fix order clauses when constructing a limited_ids_condition for postgresql.
* Fix problems with cache_classes == false on certain server configurations. Also
handle self-join with a merge of two identical classes and a second param.
* Drop ActiveSupport::Concern and only use alias_method_chain when needed.
Changes since 0.5.1 (2010-06-22):
* Added debug_sql method to Relations. Lets you see the actual SQL that
will be run against the database without having to resort to the
development.log. Differs from to_sql because that doesn't (and can't,
by necessity) handle eager loading.
Changes since 0.5.0 (2010-06-08):
* Track Emilio Tagua's performance enhancements in build_arel from edge.
Changes since 0.3.3 (2010-04-30):
* Lots. See
for a summary.
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