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update README with info on re-compiling

while pre-compiling a binary supporting 10.5 and ppc has become unreasonably painful on a modern mac, it should now be possible for a 10.5 ppc user to do. document the changes made to the build system.
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@@ -15,6 +15,21 @@ Very simple & usable Mac OSX FSEvents API
gem install rb-fsevent
+=== re-compilation
+rb-fsevent comes with a pre-compiled fsevent_watch binary supporting x86_64 and i386 on 10.6 and above. The binary is codesigned with my (Travis Tilley) Developer ID as an extra precaution when distributing pre-compiled code and contains an embedded plist describing its build environment. This should be sufficient for most users, but if you need to use rb-fsevent on 10.5 and/or on PPC then recompilation is necessary. This can be done by entering the installed gem's ext directory and running:
+ MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET="10.5" CC=/usr/bin/gcc-4.2 rake ppc replace_exe
+The following ENV vars are recognized:
+- CC
+- FWDEBUG (enables debug mode, printing an obscene number of informational messages to STDERR)
== Usage
=== Singular path

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