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recompiled binary to include ppc support on 10.6, requiring the use o…

…f gcc-4.2 rather than clang (both upstream 3.2 and apple's version from xcode 3.2.6 fail to compile for ppc)

bundled an additional binary supporting 10.5 on x86_64, i386, ppc, and ppc64. ruby code to select this binary on 10.5 should probably follow... but don't expect this binary to consistently be maintained alongside the primary version due to the effort requried to cobble together a build environment for this particular setup.
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commit f771f50506f24ef9a2e2a0dd20f348b1840fee32 1 parent 3afaf1f
@ttilley ttilley authored
BIN  bin/fsevent_watch
Binary file not shown
BIN  bin/fsevent_watch_10_5
Binary file not shown
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