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:trollface: Lolfaces plugin for Question2Answer
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:trollface: q2a-memes

Add useless thus totally indispensable lolfaces to your Question2Answer site

06-08-2019 : Tested with 1.8.2 ✔️

📋 Description

This is a plugin for the excellent Question2Answer platform (github)

This plugin adds the ability to post lolfaces or trollfaces internet memes :

🌈 Demo

Let's assume we have a question What is a good question... Important question isn't it ? 😩

Let's click on Answer and start trolling. You will see a new button on top on the text area :

When you click on it, a sort of pop up will show you all the available lolfaces (you can add some more, see below how).

Select you picture in the popup :

The plugin inserts a text in your text area (will be replaced by the picture after a page reload)

Click on Add answer to submit your answer :

At this point, we are not very impressed, it only inserted some text, but no panic, the meme will show after a page refresh.

So when you reload the page you get your lolface 🎉 :

And this is what visitors will see 😄

You have the same for comments :

🔌 Install plugin

As other plugins, download then untar/unzip into the qa-plugins directory.

You will see appear a new plugin in the Admin > Plugins section.

Then you have to activate the plugin in the plugin option :

⚠️ This plugin is working with basic editor so you have to check that comments editor and/or answers editor is well pointing on basic editor or the plugin won't do anything.

⚠️ When you post a meme, it will first post something like (areyouserious) and the actual image will be visible only after a page refresh. This is due to the way how Question2Answers quick answers with ajax

🔧 Extending the plugin

You can add some more lolfaces or change them.

To change/add pictures, add a small version in mini images directory and the big version in maxi images directory and edit the code in qa-memes-layer.php

⚠️ You should not add hundred pictures, it is not cost free, mini images will be loaded each time an user browse the page :)

💬 Feedback

Please report any issue in the issue board, this is a beta testing release and I think there's some small fixes to do.

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