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😄 Smilies for Question2Answer
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😝 q2a-smilies

Add smilies to your Question2Answer site.

06-08-2019 : Tested with 1.8.2 ✔️

This is a fork of NoahY repository, see below for more informations.

⚠️ There is a WYSIWYG editor included in Question2Answer that provides basic smilies feature (among many other stuff).

This plugin does not pretend to be better, just a replacement with a big set of smilies

📋 Description

This is a plugin for the excellent Question2Answer platform (github)

This plugin adds the ability to post smilies :

🔌 Install plugin

As other plugins, download then untar/unzip into the qa-plugins directory.

You will see appear a new plugin in the Admin > Plugins section.

Then you have to activate the plugin by adding the button to the editor that you are using :

⚠️ This plugin is working with basic editor so you have to check that comments editor and/or answers editor is well pointing on basic editor or the plugin won't do anything.

⚠️ When you post a meme, it will first post something like (areyouserious) and the actual image will be visible only after a page refresh. This is due to the way how Question2Answers quick answers with ajax

😉 Start smiling !

When the plugin is well installed (and correct editors are selected), you can see this small animated smiley like on this screenshot :

If you click on it, it will open a popup with A LOT of smilies :

Make your choice then it will insert a text in the text area :

Submit your comment and you will have something like this :

What you will see and what visitors will see is the smiley :

🚀 Extra bonus, this plugin is compatible with multi box (if you want to put multiple smilies plugins) or even q2a-memes

🔧 Extending the plugin

You can add some more smilies or change them.

To change/add pictures, add a small version in images directory and edit the code in qa-memes-layer.php

⚠️ You should not add thousands of pictures, it is not cost free, smilies will be loaded each time an user browse the page and the popup can't be 3000px per 6000px (create another smiley box instead) ;)


From NoahY :

All code herein is Copylefted. Smilies copyright Skype, Inc.


💰 Credit

Thank you NoahY for this plugin, I forked it for some reasons to adapt to my needs :

  • Make it capable of being coupled with another smiley popup
  • Add more smilies
  • Change a bit the style

Feel free to contact me if you want to merge this into your repository, but you seems inactive for a long time.

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