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✏️ WYSIWYG Math Editor based on CKEditor 4 for Question2Answer sites
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✒️ Q2A Math Editor (LaTeX)

06-08-2019 : Tested with 1.8.2 ✔️

📋 Description

This is a WYSIWYG Math formulas editor for Question2Answers.

Some history...

I made this plugin long time ago (right after the ckeditor 4 release) then I published it here looong time after (but already 5 years ago from now !). Finally today (september 2019) I'm updating to fix mathjax issue and while we are here I update it to latest CKEditor 4 version and improve documentation 😄

Since I first released this, Question2Answers team integrated natively the CKEditor 4 as WYSIWYG 👍

But this plugin is still good if you want to have Math formulas.

💬 Feedback

Please report any issue in the issue board, this is a beta testing release and I think there's some small fixes to do.

🎠 Install

  1. Download the plugin
  2. Decompress in your qa-plugin directory
  3. Enable WYSIWYG Math Editor in the Admin > Posting page.

  1. Enable MathJax on your website by putting this code into Admin > Layout > Custom HTML in HEAD section of every page:
<script src=""></script>
<script id="MathJax-script" async src=""></script>

Like this :

And you're done !

🌈 Demo

When you go to post a question you will have this new WYSIWYG editor with an Sigma in the toolbar (+ various other plugins selected by me) :

When you click on it the Sigma button you will have a popup and you can start editing Math Formulas with a visual feedback :

When you submit you message, you get your math YEAH :

😺 Other Math Editors

💜 Q2A Formatter

Please note that q2a-formatter seems to work remarkably well (but it not doing the same job, math formulas are printed in a preview zone)

💙 Q2APro SCEditor

SCEditor seems very nice and has the same approach than q2a-formatter (preview zone).

💔 The endless project

My other plugin q2a-markdown-editor is broken currently

It was never really perfectly working. My fault, I'm not a javascript guy 😿)

🌟 Other ideas

Potentially, CKEditor 4 seems to have plugins available for math formulas but based on MathQuill or MathML

💑 Contribute

If you find a bug or want to improve this plugin, please go ahead and create a pull request towards this repo, I will happily review and merge it.

As I said, I'm not a javascript guy neither a PHP guy so I'm doing my best but honestly that's far from being sufficient 😄

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