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Rack middleware that silences the rails/rack logger for specific actions
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Latest commit a059bd2 @thickpaddy Merge pull request #4 from copyhacker/rails_3_1_compatibility
Maintain backwards compatibility with Rails 3.1

Ciúnas - rack middleware that silences the rails logger for specific paths

This code was originally written by Dennis Reimann, I've simply packaged it as a gem. See his blog post for some background info.


Either modify config/application.rb or create an initializer that swaps the default rails/rack logger middleware for the Ciúnas logger, and specify paths for which logging should be silenced using an array of strings and/or regexs.

MyApplication::Application.config.middleware.swap (
  Rails::Rack::Logger, Ciunas::Logger,
  :silenced => ["/noisy/action.json", /service_check.*/]
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