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(ns korhal.core
(:require [korhal.interop.interop :refer :all]
[ :refer [swap-key swap-keys profile]]
[ :refer :all]
[ :refer :all])
(:import (clojure.lang.IDeref)
:name "korhal.core"
:implements [jnibwapi.BWAPIEventListener clojure.lang.IDeref]
:state state
:init init
:main true
:constructors {[] []}
:prefix "korhal-")
(defn korhal-deref [this] @(.state this))
(defn korhal-main [& args]
(let [ai (korhal.core.)
api (jnibwapi.JNIBWAPI. ai)]
(swap! (.state ai) swap-key :api api)
(bind-api! api)
(defn korhal-init []
[[] (atom {})])
(defn korhal-connected [this]
(defn korhal-gameStarted [this]
(println "Game Started")
(set-game-speed 10)
(load-map-data true))
(defn can-afford? [unit-kw]
(let [unit-type (get-unit-type (unit-type-kws unit-kw))]
(and (>= (my-minerals) (mineral-price unit-type))
(>= (my-gas) (gas-price unit-type))
(>= (- (my-supply-total) (my-supply-used))
(supply-required unit-type)))))
(defn korhal-gameUpdate [this]
;; start mining
(doseq [drone (filter idle? (my-drones))]
(let [dist-to-drone (fn [mineral] (dist drone mineral))
closest-mineral (apply min-key dist-to-drone (minerals))]
(right-click drone closest-mineral)))
;; build up to 6 drones
(when (and (can-afford? :drone)
(< (my-supply-used) 6))
(let [larva (first (my-larvae))]
(morph larva :drone)))
;; build spawning pool with one of those drones
(when (and (can-afford? :spawning-pool)
(zero? (count (my-spawning-pools))))
(let [drone (first (filter completed? (my-drones)))
hatchery (first (my-hatcheries))
tx (if (< (tile-x hatchery) 40) (+ 5 (tile-x hatchery)) (- (tile-x hatchery) 5))
ty (tile-y hatchery)]
(build drone tx ty :spawning-pool)))
;; build zerglings
(when (and (can-afford? :zergling)
(not (empty? (filter completed? (my-spawning-pools)))))
(let [larva (first (my-larvae))]
(morph larva :zergling)))
;; rush the shit out of them
(let [enemy-base (first (enemy-start-locations))]
(doseq [zergling (filter idle? (my-zerglings))]
(attack zergling (pixel-x enemy-base) (pixel-y enemy-base))))
(defn korhal-gameEnded [this])
(defn korhal-keyPressed [this keycode])
(defn korhal-matchEnded [this winner])
(defn korhal-sendText [this text])
(defn korhal-receiveText [this text])
(defn korhal-nukeDetect [this x y])
(defn korhal-playerLeft [this player-id])
(defn korhal-unitCreate [this unit-id])
(defn korhal-unitDestroy [this unit-id])
(defn korhal-unitDiscover [this unit-id])
(defn korhal-unitEvade [this unit-id])
(defn korhal-unitHide [this unit-id])
(defn korhal-unitMorph [this unit-id])
(defn korhal-unitShow [this unit-id])
(defn korhal-unitRenegade [this unit-id])
(defn korhal-saveGame [this game-name])
(defn korhal-unitComplete [this unit-id])
(defn korhal-playerDropped [this player-id])