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(ns korhal.interop.interop
(:require [clojure.set :refer [map-invert]]
[korhal.interop.interop-types :refer [unit-types upgrade-types tech-types
unit-command-types race-types unit-size-types
weapon-types bullet-types damage-types
explosion-types order-types
unit-type-fn-maps unit-fn-maps
base-location-fn-maps player-fn-maps]])
(:import (jnibwapi.model Map Player Unit BaseLocation Region ChokePoint Bullet)
(declare get-unit-type pixel-x pixel-y tile-x tile-y start-location? can-build-here? get-type-id)
(def api nil)
(defn bind-api! [binding] (alter-var-root #'api #(identity %2) binding))
(defn dynamic-dot-form [instance method] `(. ~instance ~method))
;; type conversions
(defn java-point [obj grid-type]
(case grid-type
:pixel (java.awt.Point. (pixel-x obj) (pixel-y obj))
:tile (java.awt.Point. (tile-x obj) (tile-y obj))))
;; type definitions
;; unit type kw lookup is a special case to add in the minerals and geysers
(def unit-type-kws
(merge {:mineral jnibwapi.types.UnitType$UnitTypes/Resource_Mineral_Field
:geyser jnibwapi.types.UnitType$UnitTypes/Resource_Vespene_Geyser}
(zipmap (map keyword (take-nth 2 unit-types))
(map #(eval `(. jnibwapi.types.UnitType$UnitTypes ~%)) (take-nth 2 (rest unit-types))))))
(defmacro gen-type-ids-map [inject-sym java-type coll]
`(def ~inject-sym
(->> (map #(vector (eval `(.getID ~(symbol (str ~java-type "/" %))))
(eval (symbol (str ~java-type "/" %))))
(take-nth 2 (rest ~coll)))
(apply hash-map))))
(defmacro gen-type-kw-map [inject-sym java-type coll]
`(def ~inject-sym
(zipmap (map keyword (take-nth 2 ~coll))
(map #(eval `(. ~~java-type ~%)) (take-nth 2 (rest ~coll))))))
(gen-type-ids-map unit-type-ids 'jnibwapi.types.UnitType$UnitTypes unit-types)
(gen-type-ids-map upgrade-type-ids 'jnibwapi.types.UpgradeType$UpgradeTypes upgrade-types)
(gen-type-ids-map tech-type-ids 'jnibwapi.types.TechType$TechTypes tech-types)
(gen-type-ids-map unit-command-type-ids 'jnibwapi.types.UnitCommandType$UnitCommandTypes unit-command-types)
(gen-type-ids-map race-type-ids 'jnibwapi.types.RaceType$RaceTypes race-types)
(gen-type-ids-map unit-size-type-ids 'jnibwapi.types.UnitSizeType$UnitSizeTypes unit-size-types)
(gen-type-ids-map weapon-type-ids 'jnibwapi.types.WeaponType$WeaponTypes weapon-types)
(gen-type-ids-map bullet-type-ids 'jnibwapi.types.BulletType$BulletTypes bullet-types)
(gen-type-ids-map damage-type-ids 'jnibwapi.types.DamageType$DamageTypes damage-types)
(gen-type-ids-map explosion-type-ids 'jnibwapi.types.ExplosionType$ExplosionTypes explosion-types)
(gen-type-ids-map order-type-ids 'jnibwapi.types.OrderType$OrderTypes order-types)
(gen-type-kw-map upgrade-type-kws 'jnibwapi.types.UpgradeType$UpgradeTypes upgrade-types)
(gen-type-kw-map tech-type-kws 'jnibwapi.types.TechType$TechTypes tech-types)
(gen-type-kw-map unit-command-type-kws 'jnibwapi.types.UnitCommandType$UnitCommandTypes unit-command-types)
(gen-type-kw-map race-type-kws 'jnibwapi.types.RaceType$RaceTypes race-types)
(gen-type-kw-map unit-size-type-kws 'jnibwapi.types.UnitSizeType$UnitSizeTypes unit-size-types)
(gen-type-kw-map weapon-type-kws 'jnibwapi.types.WeaponType$WeaponTypes weapon-types)
(gen-type-kw-map bullet-type-kws 'jnibwapi.types.BulletType$BulletTypes bullet-types)
(gen-type-kw-map damage-type-kws 'jnibwapi.types.DamageType$DamageTypes damage-types)
(gen-type-kw-map explosion-type-kws 'jnibwapi.types.ExplosionType$ExplosionTypes explosion-types)
(gen-type-kw-map order-type-kws 'jnibwapi.types.OrderType$OrderTypes order-types)
;; common calls to get state vars and collections
(defn get-self [] (.getSelf api))
(defn my-minerals [] (.. api getSelf getMinerals))
(defn my-gas [] (.. api getSelf getGas))
(defn my-units [] (.getMyUnits api))
(defn enemy-units [] (.getEnemyUnits api))
(defn neutral-units [] (.getNeutralUnits api))
(defn bullets [] (.getAllBullets api))
(defn minerals []
(filter #(= (.getTypeID %) (.getID jnibwapi.types.UnitType$UnitTypes/Resource_Mineral_Field))
(.getNeutralUnits api)))
(defn geysers []
(filter #(= (.getTypeID %) (.getID jnibwapi.types.UnitType$UnitTypes/Resource_Vespene_Geyser))
(.getNeutralUnits api)))
;; map data
(defn get-map [] (.getMap api))
(defn load-map-data [boolean] (.loadMapData api boolean))
(defn map-name [] (.. api getMap getName))
(defn map-filename [] (.. api getMap getFileName))
(defn map-hash [] (.. api getMap getHash))
(defn map-width
([] (map-width :pixel))
(case type
:pixel (* 32 (.. api getMap getWidth))
:tile (.. api getMap getWidth))))
(defn map-height
([] (map-height :pixel))
(case type
:pixel (* 32 (.. api getMap getHeight))
:tile (.. api getMap getHeight))))
(defn map-tile-height [tx ty] (.getHeight (.getMap api) tx ty))
(defn map-walk-width [] (.. api getMap getWalkWidth))
(defn map-walk-height [] (.. api getMap getWalkHeight))
(defn region-at-tile
([point] (region-at-tile (.getX point) (.getY point)))
([tx ty] (.. api getMap getRegion tx ty)))
(defn walkable?
([point] (walkable? (.getX point) (.getY point)))
([wx wy] (.isWalkable (.getMap api) wx wy)))
(defn low-res-walkable?
([point] (low-res-walkable? (.getX point) (.getY point)))
([tx ty] (.. api getMap isLowResWalkable tx ty)))
(defn regions [] (.. api getMap getRegions))
(defn chokepoints [] (.. api getMap getChokePoints))
(defn base-locations [] (.. api getMap getBaseLocations))
(defn my-start-location [] (.. api getSelf getStartLocation))
(defn ground-distance
([p1 p2] (ground-distance (.getX p1) (.getY p1) (.getX p2) (.getY p2)))
([tx1 ty1 tx2 ty2] (.. api getMap getGroundDistance tx1 ty1 tx2 ty2)))
(defn connected?
([p1 p2] (connected? (.getX p1) (.getY p1) (.getX p2) (.getY p2)))
([tx1 ty1 tx2 ty2] (.. api getMap isConnected tx1 ty1 tx2 ty2)))
(defn enemy-start-locations []
(let [bases (base-locations)
enemy-base? (fn [base] (and (not= (java-point base :tile) (my-start-location))
(start-location? base)))]
(filter enemy-base? bases)))
;; chokepoint methods
(defn center-x [choke] (.getCenterX choke))
(defn center-y [choke] (.getCenterY choke))
;; generate player methods
(defmacro define-player-fns []
(cons `do
(for [[clj-name java-name] (partition 2 player-fn-maps)]
`(defn ~clj-name [player#] (. player# ~java-name)))))
(defn researched?
([tech-kw] (.hasResearched (.getSelf api) (.getID (tech-type-kws tech-kw))))
([player tech] (.hasResearched player (.getID tech))))
(defn researching?
([tech-kw] (.isResearching (.getSelf api) (.getID (tech-type-kws tech-kw))))
([player tech] (.isResearching player (.getID tech))))
(defn upgrade-level
([upgrade-kw] (.upgradeLevel (.getSelf api) (.getID (upgrade-type-kws upgrade-kw))))
([player upgrade] (.upgradeLevel player (.getID upgrade))))
(defn upgrading?
([upgrade-kw] (.isUpgrading (.getSelf api) (.getID (upgrade-type-kws upgrade-kw))))
([player upgrade] (.isUpgrading player (.getID upgrade))))
;; generate base location methods
(defmacro define-base-location-fns []
(cons `do
(for [[clj-name java-name] (partition 2 base-location-fn-maps)]
`(defn ~clj-name [loc#] (. loc# ~java-name)))))
;; generate single unit functions
(defmacro define-unit-type-fns []
(cons `do
(for [[clj-name java-name] (partition 2 unit-type-fn-maps)]
`(defn ~clj-name [unit-or-unit-type#]
(. (get-unit-type unit-or-unit-type#) ~java-name)))))
(defmacro define-unit-fns []
(cons `do
(for [[clj-name java-name] (partition 2 unit-fn-maps)]
`(defn ~clj-name [unit#] (. unit# ~java-name)))))
;; supply functions are dumb and return double the supply to accommodate
;; 0.5 supply zerglings while still using an int type
;; Clojure isn't statically typed, so we don't have to put up with that shit
(defn my-supply-used [] (/ (.. api getSelf getSupplyUsed) 2))
(defn my-supply-total [] (/ (.. api getSelf getSupplyTotal) 2))
(defn supply-provided [unit]
(/ (.getSupplyProvided (get-unit-type unit)) 2))
;; common API commands shared among multiple types
(defn get-id [obj] (.getID obj))
(defn get-unit-type [unit-or-unit-type]
(if (instance? Unit unit-or-unit-type)
(.getUnitType api (.getTypeID unit-or-unit-type))
(.getUnitType api (.getID unit-or-unit-type))))
(defn get-unit-type-kw [unit-or-unit-type]
(let [unit-type (get-unit-type unit-or-unit-type)
static-type (unit-type-ids (get-id unit-type))]
((map-invert unit-type-kws) static-type)))
(defn get-tech-type [tech] (.getTechType api (.getID tech)))
(defn get-upgrade-type [upgrade] (.getUpgradeType api (.getID upgrade)))
(defn get-weapon-type [weapon-or-id]
(.getWeaponType api (if (number? weapon-or-id)
(.getID weapon-or-id))))
(defn get-damage-type [damage-or-id]
(.getDamageType api
(if (number? damage-or-id)
(.getID damage-or-id))))
(defn get-explosion-type [explosion-or-id]
(.getExplosionType api
(if (number? explosion-or-id)
(.getID explosion-or-id))))
(defn get-type-id [obj-or-unit-type]
(if (or (instance? Unit obj-or-unit-type) (instance? Bullet obj-or-unit-type))
(.getTypeID obj-or-unit-type)
(.getID obj-or-unit-type)))
(defn pixel-x [obj] (.getX obj))
(defn pixel-y [obj] (.getY obj))
(defn tile-x [obj]
(if (instance? BaseLocation obj)
(.getTx obj)
(.getTileX obj)))
(defn tile-y [obj]
(if (instance? BaseLocation obj)
(.getTy obj)
(.getTileY obj)))
(defn walk-x [obj] (Math/floor (/ (pixel-x obj) 8)))
(defn walk-y [obj] (Math/floor (/ (pixel-y obj) 8)))
(defn mineral-price [obj]
(instance? jnibwapi.types.UnitType obj) (.getMineralPrice obj)
(instance? jnibwapi.types.TechType obj) (.getMineralPrice obj)
(instance? jnibwapi.types.UpgradeType obj) (+ (.getMineralPriceBase obj)
(* (upgrade-level (get-self) obj) (.getMineralPriceFactor obj)))))
(defn gas-price [obj]
(instance? jnibwapi.types.UnitType obj) (.getGasPrice obj)
(instance? jnibwapi.types.TechType obj) (.getGasPrice obj)
(instance? jnibwapi.types.UpgradeType obj) (+ (.getGasPriceBase obj)
(* (upgrade-level (get-self) obj) (.getGasPriceFactor obj)))))
(defn supply-required [obj]
(instance? jnibwapi.types.UnitType obj) (/ (.getSupplyRequired obj) 2)
(instance? jnibwapi.types.TechType obj) 0
(instance? jnibwapi.types.UpgradeType obj) 0))
(defn my-unit? [unit]
(= (get-id (get-self)) (player-id unit)))
;; type predicates, e.g. is-drone?
(doseq [[n t] (partition 2 unit-types)]
(let [class-type (eval `(.getID ~(symbol (str "jnibwapi.types.UnitType$UnitTypes/" t))))]
(intern *ns*
(symbol (str "is-" n "?"))
(fn [unit] (= (.getTypeID unit) class-type)))))
;; own unit type collections, e.g. my-drones
(defn plural [n]
(let [n-str (str n)
processed-str (cond (re-find #"[^a]y$" n-str) (str (clojure.string/join (butlast n-str)) "ies")
(re-find #"[s]$" n-str) n-str
(re-find #"larva$" n-str) (str n-str "e")
:else (str n-str "s"))]
(if (symbol? n) (symbol processed-str) processed-str)))
(doseq [[n t] (partition 2 unit-types)]
(when-not (re-seq #"^Critter" (str t))
(let [type-predicate (eval (symbol (str *ns* "/is-" n "?")))]
(intern *ns*
(symbol (str "my-" (plural n)))
(fn [] (filter type-predicate (.getMyUnits api)))))))
(def my-citadels-of-adun my-citadel-of-aduns)
(def my-nexuses my-nexus)
(defn worker? [unit]
(or (is-scv? unit) (is-drone? unit) (is-probe? unit)))
(defn combat-unit? [unit]
(and (not (worker? unit)) (not (building? unit))))
(defn health-perc [unit]
(when (pos? (max-hit-points unit))
(/ (hit-points unit) (max-hit-points unit))))
(defn get-unit-by-id [unit-id]
(when (>= unit-id 0) (.getUnit api unit-id)))
(defn my-units-id [id] (filter #(= (.getTypeID %) id) (my-units)))
(defn my-units-kw [kw] (filter #(= (.getTypeID %) (.getID (kw unit-type-kws))) (my-units)))
(defn my-buildings [] (filter building? (my-units)))
(defn my-buildings-id [id] (filter #(= (.getTypeID %) id) (my-buildings)))
(defn my-buildings-kw [kw] (filter #(= (.getTypeID %) (.getID (kw unit-type-kws))) (my-buildings)))
;; API unit commands
(defn attack
([attacking-unit target-unit] (.attack api (.getID attacking-unit) (.getID target-unit)))
([attacking-unit px py] (.attack api (.getID attacking-unit) px py)))
(defn build
([builder point to-build] (build builder (.x point) (.y point) to-build))
([builder tx ty to-build] (.build api (.getID builder) tx ty
(.getID (to-build unit-type-kws)))))
(defn build-addon [building to-build]
(.buildAddon api (.getID building) (.getID (to-build unit-type-kws))))
(defn train [building to-train]
(.train api (.getID building) (.getID (to-train unit-type-kws))))
(defn morph [unit morph-to]
(.morph api (.getID unit) (.getID (morph-to unit-type-kws))))
(defn research [unit to-research]
(.research api (.getID unit) (.getID (to-research tech-type-kws))))
(defn upgrade [unit to-upgrade]
(.upgrade api (.getID unit) (.getID (to-upgrade upgrade-type-kws))))
(defn set-rally-point
([rally-unit target-unit-or-point]
(instance? java.awt.Point target-unit-or-point) (set-rally-point rally-unit
(.x target-unit-or-point)
(.y target-unit-or-point))
:else (.setRallyPoint api (.getID rally-unit) (.getID target-unit-or-point))))
([rally-unit px py] (.setRallyPoint api (.getID rally-unit) px py)))
(defn move
([move-unit target-unit-or-point]
(instance? java.awt.Point target-unit-or-point) (move move-unit
(.x target-unit-or-point)
(.y target-unit-or-point))
:else (.move api (.getID move-unit) (.getX target-unit-or-point) (.getY target-unit-or-point))))
([move-unit px py] (.move api (.getID move-unit) px py)))
(defn patrol
([patrol-unit target-unit-or-point]
(instance? java.awt.Point target-unit-or-point) (patrol patrol-unit
(.x target-unit-or-point)
(.y target-unit-or-point))
:else (.patrol api (.getID patrol-unit) (.getX target-unit-or-point) (.getY target-unit-or-point))))
([patrol-unit px py] (.patrol api (.getID patrol-unit) px py)))
(defn hold-position [unit] (.holdPosition api (.getID unit)))
(defn stop [unit] (.stop api (.getID unit)))
(defn follow [follow-unit target-unit] (.follow api (.getID follow-unit) (.getID target-unit)))
(defn gather [gather-unit target-unit] (.gather api (.getID gather-unit) (.getID target-unit)))
(defn return-cargo [unit] (.returnCargo api unit))
(defn repair [repair-unit target-unit] (.repair api (.getID repair-unit) (.getID target-unit)))
(defn burrow [unit] (.burrow api (.getID unit)))
(defn unburrow [unit] (.unburrow api (.getID unit)))
(defn cloak [unit] (.cloak api (.getID unit)))
(defn decloak [unit] (.decloak api (.getID unit)))
(defn siege [unit] (.siege api (.getID unit)))
(defn unsiege [unit] (.unsiege api (.getID unit)))
(defn lift [unit] (.lift api (.getID unit)))
(defn land
([unit point] (land unit (.x point) (.y point)))
([unit tx ty] (.land api (.getID unit) tx ty)))
(defn load* [loading-unit target-unit] (.load api (.getID loading-unit) (.getID target-unit)))
(defn unload [unloading-unit target-unit] (.unload api (.getID unloading-unit) (.getID target-unit)))
(defn unload-all
([unit] (.unloadAll api (.getID unit)))
([unit point] (unload-all unit (.x point) (.y point)))
([unit tx ty] (.unloadAll api (.getID unit) tx ty)))
(defn right-click
([unit target-unit-or-point]
(instance? java.awt.Point target-unit-or-point) (right-click unit
(.x target-unit-or-point)
(.y target-unit-or-point))
:else (.rightClick api (.getID unit) (.getID target-unit-or-point))))
([unit px py] (.rightClick api (.getID unit) px py)))
(defn halt-construction [unit] (.haltConstruction api (.getID unit)))
(defn cancel-construction [unit] (.cancelConstrution api (.getID unit)))
(defn cancel-addon [unit] (.cancelAddon api (.getID unit)))
(defn cancel-train
([unit] (.cancelTrain api (.getID unit) (dec (training-queue-size unit)))) ;; cancels last slot being used
([unit slot] (.cancelTrain api (.getID unit) slot)))
(defn cancel-morph [unit] (.cancelMorph api (.getID unit)))
(defn cancel-research [unit] (.cancelResearch api (.getID unit)))
(defn cancel-upgrade [unit] (.cancelUpgrade api (.getID unit)))
(defn use-tech
([unit tech] (.useTech api (.getID unit) (.getID tech)))
([unit tech target-unit-or-point]
(instance? java.awt.Point target-unit-or-point) (use-tech unit
(.x target-unit-or-point)
(.y target-unit-or-point))
:else (.useTech api (.getID unit) (.getID tech) (.getID target-unit-or-point))))
([unit tech px py] (.useTech api (.getID unit) (.getID tech) px py)))
(defn place-cop
([unit point] (place-cop unit (.x point) (.y point)))
([unit tx ty] (.placeCOP api (.getID unit) tx ty)))
;; API utility and drawing commands
(defn start [] (.start api))
(defn load-type-data [] (.loadTypeData api))
(defn replay-frame-total [] (.getReplayFrameTotal api))
(defn draw-health [boolean] (.drawHealth api boolean))
(defn draw-targets [boolean] (.drawTargets api boolean))
(defn draw-ids [boolean] (.drawIDs api boolean))
(defn enable-user-input [] (.enableUserInput api))
(defn enable-perfect-information [] (.enablePerfectInformation api))
(defn set-game-speed [speed] (.setGameSpeed api speed))
(defn frame-count [] (.getFrameCount api))
(defn set-frame-skip [frame-skip] (.setFrameSkip api frame-skip))
(defn leave-game [] (.leaveGame api))
(defn draw-box [left top right bottom color fill screen-coords]
(.drawBox api left top right bottom color fill screen-coords))
(defn draw-circle [px py radius color fill screen-coords]
(.drawCircle api px py radius color fill screen-coords))
(defn draw-line
([p1 p2 color screen-coords] (.drawLine api p1 p2 color screen-coords))
([x1 y1 x2 y2 color screen-coords] (.drawLine api x1 y1 x2 y2 color screen-coords)))
(defn draw-dot [px py color screen-coords]
(.drawDot api px py color screen-coords))
(defn draw-text
([point msg screen-coords] (.drawText api point (str msg) screen-coords))
([px py msg screen-coords] (.drawText api px py (str msg) screen-coords)))
;; extended API commands
(defn supports-addon? [unit]
(let [unit-type (get-unit-type unit)
match-types (map (comp get-unit-type unit-type-kws)
[:command-center :factory :starport :science-facility])]
(boolean (some #{unit-type} match-types))))
(defn has-addon? [unit]
(and (building? unit) (not= -1 (addon-id unit))))
(defn tile-visible?
([point] (tile-visible? (.x point) (.y point)))
([tx ty] (.isVisible api tx ty)))
(defn tile-explored?
([point] (tile-explored? (.x point) (.y point)))
([tx ty] (.isExplored api tx ty)))
(defn tile-buildable?
([point include-buildings] (tile-buildable? (.x point) (.y point) include-buildings))
([tx ty include-buildings] (.isBuildable api tx ty include-buildings)))
(defn has-creep?
([point] (has-creep? (.x point) (.y point)))
([tx ty] (.hasCreep api tx ty)))
(defn- has-power?*
([tx ty] (.hasPower api tx ty))
([tx ty unit] (.hasPower api tx ty (get-type-id unit)))
([tx ty tile-width tile-height] (.hasPower api tx ty tile-width tile-height))
([tx ty tile-width tile-height unit] (.hasPower api tx ty tile-width tile-height (get-type-id unit))))
(defn has-power? [point-or-coord & rest-args]
(instance? java.awt.Point point-or-coord) (apply has-power?*
(.x point-or-coord)
(.y point-or-coord)
:else (apply has-power?* point-or-coord rest)))
(defn has-power-precise?
([point] (has-power-precise? (.x point) (.y point)))
([px py] (.hasPowerPrecise api px py)))
(defn has-path?
([unit target-unit] (.hasPath api (.getID unit) (.getID target-unit)))
([unit to-x to-y] (.hasPath api (.getID unit) to-x to-y))
([from-x from-y to-x to-y] (.hasPath api from-x from-y to-x to-y)))
(defn has-loaded-unit? [unit maybe-loaded-unit]
(.hasLoadedUnit api (.getID unit) (.getID maybe-loaded-unit)))
(defn can-build-here?
([tx ty unit-to-build check-explored] (.canBuildHere api tx ty (get-type-id unit-to-build) check-explored))
([unit tx ty unit-to-build check-explored] (.canBuildHere api (.getID unit) tx ty
(get-type-id unit-to-build) check-explored)))
(defn can-make?
([unit-to-make-kw] (.canMake api (get-type-id (unit-type-kws unit-to-make-kw))))
([unit unit-to-make-kw] (.canMake api (.getID unit) (get-type-id (unit-type-kws unit-to-make-kw)))))
(defn can-research?
([tech] (.canResearch api (get-type-id tech)))
([unit tech] (.canResearch api (.getID unit) (get-type-id tech))))
(defn can-upgrade?
([upgrade] (.canUpgrade api (get-type-id upgrade)))
([unit upgrade] (.canUpgrade api (.getID unit) (get-type-id upgrade))))
(defn can-upgrade-kw?
([upgrade-kw] (.canUpgrade api (get-type-id (upgrade-type-kws upgrade-kw))))
([unit upgrade-kw] (.canUpgrade api (.getID unit) (get-type-id (upgrade-type-kws upgrade-kw)))))
(defn under-aoe? [unit]
(or (under-dark-swarm? unit) (under-disruption-web? unit) (under-storm? unit)))
(defn print-text [msg] (.printText api (str msg)))
(defn send-text [msg] (.sendText api (str msg)))
(defn set-command-optimization-level [level] (.setCommandOptimizationLevel api level))
(defn replay? [] (.isReplay api))
(defn visible-to-player? [unit player] (.isVisibleToPlayer api (.getID unit) (.getID player)))
(defn last-error [] (.getLastError api))
(defn remaining-latency-frames [] (.getRemainingLatencyFrames api))
(defn units-on-tile
([point] (units-on-tile (.x point) (.y point)))
([tx ty] (.getUnitsOnTile api tx ty)))
(defn what-upgrades [upgrade]
(.getUnitType api (.getWhatUpgradesTypeID upgrade)))
(defn what-researches [tech]
(.getUnitType api (.getWhatResearchesTypeID tech)))
;; weapon functions
(defn ground-weapon [unit] (get-weapon-type (.getGroundWeaponID (get-unit-type unit))))
(defn air-weapon [unit] (get-weapon-type (.getAirWeaponID (get-unit-type unit))))
(defn weapon? [weapon] (not= (get-id weapon) (get-id (weapon-type-kws :none))))
(defn damage-amount [weapon] (.getDamageAmount weapon))
(defn damage-bonus [weapon] (.getDamageBonus weapon))
(defn damage-cooldown [weapon] (.getDamageCooldown weapon))
(defn damage-factor [weapon] (.getDamageFactor weapon))
(defn weapon-upgrade-type [weapon]
(get-upgrade-type (upgrade-type-ids (.getUpgradeTypeID weapon))))
(defn weapon-damage-type [weapon]
(get-damage-type (damage-type-ids (.getDamageTypeID weapon))))
(defn weapon-explosion-type [weapon]
(get-explosion-type (.getExplosionType weapon)))
(defn min-range [weapon] (.getMinRange weapon))
(defn max-range [weapon] (.getMaxRange weapon))
(defn inner-splash-radius [weapon] (.getInnerSplashRadius weapon))
(defn median-splash-radius [weapon] (.getMedianSplashRadius weapon))
(defn outer-splash-radius [weapon] (.getOuterSplashRadius weapon))
(defn targets-air? [weapon] (.isTargetsAir weapon))
(defn targets-ground? [weapon] (.isTargetsGround weapon))
(defn targets-mechanical? [weapon] (.isTargetsMechanical weapon))
(defn targets-organic? [weapon] (.isTargetsOrganic weapon))
(defn targets-non-building? [weapon] (.isTargetsNonBuilding weapon))
(defn targets-non-robotic? [weapon] (.isTargetsNonRobotic weapon))
(defn targets-terrain? [weapon] (.isTargetsTerrain weapon))
(defn targets-organic-or-mech? [weapon] (.isTargetsOrgOrMech weapon))
(defn targets-own? [weapon] (.isTargetsOwn weapon))
(defn ground-melee?
"True for any unit with a ground attack with equal or shorter range
to a firebat's (32)."
(let [weapon (ground-weapon unit)]
(and (not (building? unit)) (<= (max-range weapon) 32))))
;; additional bullet functions
;; fns that should also work: angle, velocity-x, velocity-y, remove-timer, exists?, visible?
(defn player-id [bullet] (.getPlayerID bullet))
(defn source-unit [bullet] (get-unit-by-id (.getSourceUnitID bullet)))
(defn position-x [bullet] (.getPositionX bullet))
(defn position-y [bullet] (.getPositionY bullet))
(defn position-valid? [bullet] (.getPositionValid bullet))
(defn position [bullet]
(when (.getPositionValid bullet)
(java.awt.Point. (.getPositionX bullet)
(.getPositionY bullet))))
(defn target-unit [bullet] (get-unit-by-id (.getTargetUnitID bullet)))
(defn target-position-x [bullet] (.getTargetPositionX bullet))
(defn target-position-y [bullet] (.getTargetPositionY bullet))
(defn target-position-valid [bullet] (.getTargetPositionValid bullet))
(defn target-position [bullet]
(when (.getTargetPositionValid bullet)
(java.awt.Point. (.getTargetPositionX bullet)
(.getTargetPositionY bullet))))
;; utility functions supplemental to JNIBWAPI
(defn dist [a b]
(Math/sqrt (+ (Math/pow (- (pixel-x a) (pixel-x b)) 2)
(Math/pow (- (pixel-y a) (pixel-y b)) 2))))
(defn dist-tile [a b]
(Math/sqrt (+ (Math/pow (- (tile-x a) (tile-x b)) 2)
(Math/pow (- (tile-y a) (tile-y b)) 2))))
(defn dist-choke [unit-or-building choke]
(Math/sqrt (+ (Math/pow (- (pixel-x unit-or-building) (center-x choke)) 2)
(Math/pow (- (pixel-y unit-or-building) (center-y choke)) 2))))
(defn deg->rad [deg] (* deg (/ Math/PI 180)))
(defn rad->deg [rad] (mod (* rad (/ 180 Math/PI)) 360))
(defn angle-to
([unit1 unit2] (angle-to (pixel-x unit1) (pixel-y unit1)
(pixel-x unit2) (pixel-y unit2)))
([x1 y1 x2 y2] (rad->deg (Math/atan2 (- y2 y1) (- x2 x1)))))
(defn angle-away
([unit1 unit2] (angle-away (pixel-x unit1) (pixel-y unit1)
(pixel-x unit2) (pixel-y unit2)))
([x1 y1 x2 y2] (mod (- (angle-to x1 y1 x2 y2) 180) 360)))
(defn point-angle
"Return [px py] of the pixel location a given angle and distance
from the unit."
[unit angle distance]
(let [rad (deg->rad angle)
px (+ (pixel-x unit) (* distance (Math/cos rad)))
py (+ (pixel-y unit) (* distance (Math/sin rad)))]
[px py]))
(defn move-angle
"Move a unit a specified distance at a specified angle."
[unit angle distance]
(apply move unit (point-angle unit angle distance)))
(defn mineral-walk-angle
"Attempt to mineral walk in the general direction of the provided
angle. If no minerals are in that direction, falls back to
[unit angle distance]
(let [in-direction? (fn [mineral] (<= (Math/abs (- angle (angle-to unit mineral))) 135))
minerals (filter in-direction? (minerals))
current-frame (frame-count)]
(if (seq minerals)
(gather unit (first minerals))
(move-angle unit angle distance))))
(defn closest [unit coll]
(when (and unit (seq coll))
(apply min-key (partial dist unit) coll)))
(defn closest-tile [unit coll]
(when (and unit (seq coll))
(apply min-key (partial dist-tile unit) coll)))
(defn closest-choke [unit coll]
(when (and unit (seq coll))
(apply min-key (partial dist-choke unit) coll)))
(defn closest-choke-start [start coll]
(when (and start (seq coll))
(let [tile-start (java.awt.Point. (* 32 (.x start)) (* 32 (.y start)))]
(apply min-key (partial dist-choke tile-start) coll))))
(defn units-nearby [unit range coll]
(let [nearby? (fn [target-unit] (<= (dist unit target-unit) range))
nearby-units (remove #{unit} (filter nearby? coll))]
(seq nearby-units)))
(defn walls-nearby
"Return seq of angles to walls nearby the unit within
distance. Defaults to 45 degree separation between angles."
;; TODO: clean up these pixel/walk-tile/build-tile conversions
([unit distance] (walls-nearby unit distance 45))
([unit distance sep]
(let [angles (for [angle (range 0 360 sep)
:let [[px py] (point-angle unit angle distance)]]
(when (or (not (<= 0 px (map-width)))
(not (<= 0 py (map-height)))
(not= (map-tile-height (Math/floor (/ px 32))
(Math/floor (/ py 32)))
(map-tile-height (tile-x unit)
(tile-y unit)))
(not (walkable? (/ px 8) (/ py 8))))
(remove nil? angles))))
(defn unit-max-range [unit]
(max (max-range (ground-weapon unit)) (max-range (air-weapon unit))))
(defn attackable-by
"Returns all units in coll that can currently attack unit OR are
within buffer pixels. TODO: Filter by ground/air."
([unit coll] (attackable-by unit coll 128))
([unit coll buffer]
(filter #(<= (dist unit %) (max buffer (unit-max-range %))) coll)))
(defn can-attack?
"Returns true if unit has a weapon capable of hitting target."
[unit target]
(and (attack-capable? unit)
(or (and (weapon? (ground-weapon unit))
(not (flyer? target)))
(and (weapon? (air-weapon unit))
(flyer? target)))))
(defn enemies-in-range
(let [max-range (max (max-range (ground-weapon unit)) (max-range (air-weapon unit)))
in-range? (fn [enemy] (<= (dist unit enemy) max-range))
in-range-enemies (filter in-range? (enemy-units))]
(seq in-range-enemies)))
([unit attack-type]
(let [get-weapon (if (= attack-type :ground) ground-weapon air-weapon)
in-range? (fn [enemy] (<= (dist unit enemy) (max-range (get-weapon unit))))
in-range-enemies (filter in-range? (enemy-units))]
(seq in-range-enemies))))
(defn being-targeted-by
"Return units in coll that are currently targeting the specified
[unit coll]
(filter #(= (get-id unit) (target-unit-id %)) coll))