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;; In Brood War, when a build command is issued to a unit, this happens in sequence:
;; Unit moves to location -> Check for resources -> Building cost is deducted -> Building is placed
;; Contracts provide a way to keep track of what buildings you've committed to build
;; before your worker actually gets to the location. This allows you to make
;; reasonable decisions based on the mineral and gas counts that you have not
;; already allocated to future buildings.
;; Contracts also keep track of your spending within each frame of the game update loop. This
;; is important since the game's value of your available resources is only updated at the
;; beginning of each loop.
(:require [clojure.set :refer [intersection]]
[korhal.interop.interop :refer :all]
[ :refer [with-api]])
(:import (jnibwapi.model Unit)))
(declare building-tiles reserved-tiles)
(def contract-display (atom false))
(def current-contract-id (atom 0))
(def contracted (ref {:minerals 0 :gas 0 :supply 0 :buildings [] :building-ids {}
:minerals-this-frame 0 :gas-this-frame 0}))
(defn clear-contract-atoms []
(dosync (ref-set contracted {:minerals 0 :gas 0 :supply 0 :buildings [] :building-ids {}
:minerals-this-frame 0 :gas-this-frame 0})))
(defn show-contract-display [bool] (reset! contract-display bool))
(defn- get-contract-id []
(let [curr-val @current-contract-id]
(swap! current-contract-id inc)
(defn available-minerals [] (max 0 (- (my-minerals) (:minerals @contracted) (:minerals-this-frame @contracted))))
(defn available-gas [] (max 0 (- (my-gas) (:gas @contracted) (:gas-this-frame @contracted))))
(defn contracted-max-supply
"Includes current max supply, contracted depots, and unfinished depots."
(let [unfinished-depot? (every-pred (complement completed?) is-supply-depot?)]
(+ (my-supply-total) (:supply @contracted) (* 8 (count (filter unfinished-depot? (my-buildings)))))))
(defn contracted-addons [building]
(filter #(= (:builder %) building) (:buildings @contracted)))
(defn draw-contract-display []
(draw-text 380 20 "Contracted" true)
(draw-text 450 20 (:minerals @contracted) true)
(draw-text 520 20 (:gas @contracted) true)
(draw-text 590 20 (:supply @contracted) true)
(draw-text 380 35 "Available" true)
(draw-text 450 35 (available-minerals) true)
(draw-text 520 35 (available-gas) true)
(draw-text 590 35 (contracted-max-supply) true))
(defn- contract-building
"Add a new building to the ref of contracted buildings."
[builder build-kw build-type tiles]
(commute contracted update-in [:minerals] + (mineral-price build-type))
(commute contracted update-in [:gas] + (gas-price build-type))
(commute contracted update-in [:supply] + (supply-provided build-type))
(commute contracted update-in [:buildings] conj {:id (get-contract-id)
:kw build-kw
:builder builder
:type build-type
:tiles tiles})))
(defn- decontract-building
"Remove the first building matching this builder and build-type from
the contract ref if such a building exists. IMPORTANT: This system
will fall apart if you start queuing multiple buildings at a single
time for a worker to build. This assumes a worker can only contract
one building at a time, which you really should be doing anyway."
[builder build-type]
(let [is-decontract-map? (fn [v] (and (= (:builder v) builder)
(= (:type v) build-type)))
to-cancel (first (filter is-decontract-map? (:buildings @contracted)))]
(when to-cancel
(let [matches-id? (fn [v] (= (:id v) (:id to-cancel)))]
(commute contracted update-in [:minerals] - (mineral-price build-type))
(commute contracted update-in [:gas] - (gas-price build-type))
(commute contracted update-in [:supply] - (supply-provided build-type))
(commute contracted update-in [:buildings] #(remove matches-id? %)))))))
(defn contract-build
"Replaces the build function from the standard API. You should check
to make sure the building placement is valid before calling this
([builder tx ty to-build] (contract-build builder tx ty to-build true))
([builder tx ty to-build accommodate-addon]
(let [build-type (get-unit-type (to-build unit-type-kws))]
(contract-building builder to-build build-type (building-tiles tx ty build-type accommodate-addon))
(if (tile-explored? tx ty)
(with-api (build builder tx ty to-build))
(with-api (move builder (* 32 tx) (* 32 ty)))))))
(defn add-unit-costs-to-frame [unit]
(commute contracted update-in [:minerals-this-frame] + (mineral-price unit))
(commute contracted update-in [:gas-this-frame] + (gas-price unit))))
(defn contract-build-addon
"Replaces the build-addon function from the standard API."
[building to-build]
(let [build-type (get-unit-type (to-build unit-type-kws))]
(contract-building building to-build build-type (building-tiles building))
(with-api (build-addon building to-build))))
(defn contract-train
"Replaces the train function from the standard API."
[building to-train]
(add-unit-costs-to-frame (get-unit-type (to-train unit-type-kws)))
(with-api (train building to-train)))
(defn contract-morph
"Replaces the morph function from the standard API."
[unit morph-to]
(add-unit-costs-to-frame (get-unit-type (morph-to unit-type-kws)))
(with-api (morph unit morph-to)))
(defn contract-research
"Replaces the research function from the standard API."
[unit to-research]
(add-unit-costs-to-frame (get-tech-type (to-research tech-type-kws)))
(with-api (research unit to-research)))
(defn contract-upgrade
"Replaces the upgrade function from the standard API."
[unit to-upgrade]
(add-unit-costs-to-frame (get-upgrade-type (to-upgrade upgrade-type-kws)))
(with-api (upgrade unit to-upgrade)))
(defn cancel-contracts [unit-or-unit-id]
"Cancel all contracts associated with a given unit."
(let [unit-id (if (instance? Unit unit-or-unit-id) (get-id unit-or-unit-id) unit-or-unit-id)]
(doseq [building (filter #(= unit-id (get-id (:builder %))) (:buildings @contracted))]
(decontract-building (:builder building) (:type building)))))
(defn- clear-frame-resources []
(commute contracted assoc-in [:minerals-this-frame] 0)
(commute contracted assoc-in [:gas-this-frame] 0)))
(defn contract-add-initial-cc []
(let [cc (first (my-command-centers))]
(commute contracted update-in [:building-ids] merge {(get-id cc) cc}))))
(defn contract-add-new-building [new-building]
(if (addon? new-building)
(let [builder (first (filter #(= (get-id new-building) (addon-id %)) (my-buildings)))]
(decontract-building builder (get-unit-type new-building)))
(decontract-building (get-unit-by-id (build-unit-id new-building))
(get-unit-type new-building)))
(commute contracted update-in [:building-ids] merge {(get-id new-building) new-building})))
(defn clear-contracts []
(defn- building-tiles
"Given a start tile and a building type, return a vector of all
tiles the building will be placed on."
(let [start-x (+ (tile-x building) (tile-width building))
start-y (+ (tile-y building) (tile-height building) -2)]
(for [x (range start-x (+ start-x 2))
y (range start-y (+ start-y 2))]
[x y])))
([tx ty build-type] (building-tiles tx ty build-type true))
([tx ty build-type accommodate-addon]
(let [base-tiles (for [tx (range tx (+ tx (tile-width build-type)))
ty (range ty (+ ty (tile-height build-type)))]
[tx ty])]
(if (and accommodate-addon (supports-addon? build-type))
(let [max-x (apply max (map first base-tiles))
max-y (apply max (map second base-tiles))
addon-tiles (for [tx (range (inc max-x) (+ 3 max-x))
ty (range (dec max-y) (inc max-y))]
[tx ty])]
(concat base-tiles addon-tiles))
(defn- reserved-tiles
"Return a set of all tiles reserved by currently contracted buildings."
(set (mapcat :tiles (:buildings @contracted))))
(defn can-build?
"Checks whether a given building type fits in a specified
location. Also takes into account buildings that are contracted to
be built but do not yet exist on the map."
([tx ty to-build check-explored] (can-build? tx ty to-build check-explored true))
([tx ty to-build check-explored accommodate-addon]
(let [build-type (to-build unit-type-kws)
tiles (building-tiles tx ty build-type accommodate-addon)]
(when-not (seq (intersection (set tiles) (reserved-tiles)))
(every? #(can-build-here? (first %) (second %) build-type check-explored) tiles)))))
(defn can-afford?
"Check whether there are enough resources to build a particular
unit, upgrade, or tech kw. Includes supply."
(let [unit-type (if-not (keyword? to-buy)
(contains? unit-type-kws to-buy) (get-unit-type (to-buy unit-type-kws))
(contains? upgrade-type-kws to-buy) (get-upgrade-type (to-buy upgrade-type-kws))
(contains? tech-type-kws to-buy) (get-tech-type (to-buy tech-type-kws))))]
(and (>= (available-minerals) (mineral-price unit-type))
(>= (available-gas) (gas-price unit-type))
(>= (my-supply-total) (+ (my-supply-used) (supply-required unit-type))))))
(defn can-make-now?
([kw] (and (can-afford? kw) (can-make? kw)))
([unit kw] (and (can-afford? kw) (can-make? unit kw))))
(defn can-upgrade-now?
([kw] (and (can-afford? kw) (can-upgrade-kw? kw)))
([tech kw] (and (can-afford? kw) (can-upgrade-kw? tech kw))))
(defn contracted-kw?
(seq (filter #(= (:kw %) kw) (:buildings @contracted))))