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(:require [korhal.interop.interop :refer :all]))
(def api-command (atom (clojure.lang.PersistentQueue/EMPTY)))
(def api-defer (atom (clojure.lang.PersistentQueue/EMPTY)))
(def api-units (atom {}))
(def repl-command (atom (clojure.lang.PersistentQueue/EMPTY)))
(def repl-result (atom (clojure.lang.PersistentQueue/EMPTY)))
(defn dequeue!
(loop []
(let [q @queue
value (peek q)
nq (pop q)]
(if (compare-and-set! queue q nq)
(defmacro with-api
"Used by the AI to queue commands to be run during the next
gameUpdate loop. Commands given to your units need to be wrapped in
this to ensure they run."
[& body]
`(do (swap! api-command conj (fn [] (do ~@body)))))
(defmacro with-api-when
"Used by the AI to queue commands to be run in the next frame where
test passes. If the test fails, the command is re-queued for the
next gameUpdate iteration."
[test & body]
`(do (swap! api-defer conj {:test (fn [] (do ~test))
:command (fn [] (do ~@body))
:frame (frame-count)})))
(defmacro with-api-unit
"Assign a synchronous action on a unit to be run in each gameUpdate
loop. Subsequent calls to the same unit will override any previously
assigned actions."
[unit tag frequency & body]
`(do (swap! api-units assoc (get-id ~unit) {:unit ~unit
:tag ~tag
:frequency ~frequency
:offset (rand-int ~frequency)
:command (fn [] (do ~@body))})))
(defn api-unit-tag
"Get the tag currently assigned to this unit's synchronous API
action, or nil if none exists."
(:tag (@api-units (get-id unit))))
(defn clear-api-unit-tag [unit-or-unit-id]
(if (number? unit-or-unit-id)
(swap! api-units dissoc unit-or-unit-id)
(swap! api-units dissoc (get-id unit-or-unit-id))))
(defn clear-api-units []
(reset! api-units {}))
(defmacro cmd
"For REPL use. Wrap a form to be executed during the gameUpdate
[& body]
`(do (swap! repl-command conj (fn [] (do ~@body)))
(loop []
(if-let [result# (dequeue! repl-result)]
(:result result#)
(defn execute-api-queue []
(let [command (dequeue! api-command)]
(when (fn? command)
(catch Exception e
(println "Exception in API queue!")
(.printStackTrace e)))
(defn execute-when-queue []
(let [{:keys [test command frame] :as doc} (dequeue! api-defer)]
(when doc
(< (frame-count) frame) nil
(not (test)) (do (try (swap! api-defer conj {:test test :command command :frame (inc frame)})
(catch Exception e
(println "Exception in API When queue!")
(.printStackTrace e)))
:else (do (try (command)
(catch Exception e
(println "Exception in API When queue!")
(.printStackTrace e)))
(defn execute-synchronous-unit-commands []
(let [units @api-units]
(doseq [unit-id (keys units)]
(if-not (get-unit-by-id unit-id)
(swap! api-units dissoc unit-id)
(let [{:keys [unit tag command frequency offset] :as doc} (units unit-id)]
(when (zero? (mod (+ (frame-count) offset) frequency))
(catch Exception e
(println "Exception in API Units synchronous commands!")
(.printStackTrace e)))))))))
(defn execute-repl-queue []
(when-let [command (dequeue! repl-command)]
(let [result (command)]
(swap! repl-result conj {:result result}))
(catch Exception e
(swap! repl-result conj {:result e})))))