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Sketch plugin to do a find and replace on text within layers
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Find and Replace V2 for Sketch

Find and Replace (text) for Sketch

Folow me on twitter to be posted.

How to

Remembers your settings - Remembers your settings for next time you do a find/replace (doesn't remember find/replace/scope as these will change each time)

Regex new feature

Get the Regex Power ! ⚡️

"John Smith" to "Smith John"



Replace with

$2 $1

Result: Smith John.

Replace all double spaces



Replace with

(one space)

Follow me on twitter for more tips.

Issues or ideas

If you have any problems, or ideas, please open an issue!

Credits and Thanks

V1 Created by Martin Steven - @mscodemonkey - Thank you Martin.

V2 Created by Thierry Charbonnel - @thierryc.

V1 and V2 Maintained and improved by Thierry Charbonnel - @thierryc.

Thanks to Aby Nimbalkar - @abynim - for the SketchPlugin-Remember code to save user settings.

Thanks to Autre Planete - @thierryc - for writing the code to change text within symbol overrides.

Thanks to Vincenzo Petito - @vincenzopetito - for code within Shapr showing how to focus the text field on start and tabbing between input fields found within the dialog.

Thanks to Sean Dellis - @seandellis - for his help, test sketch doc and issues review.

Thanks to @iconmaster - for his test.


I take no responsibility for what you find and replace, or for any changes made unintentionally due to this software erroring. I do test it before I release it so the chances of bugs are minimised, but still, use wisely and completely at your own risk. Remember, cmd-z is your saviour.*

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