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PHP Installer


Personal project to experiment with Python and Fabtools / install multiple versions of PHP cli (and some basic extensions)

  1. Dependencies

  1. Installation

List available commands

fab -f -l

Install PHP

fab -f install_php:target_dir=/path/to/where/you/would/like/to/install/php 

# install wget using macports 
fab -f install_php:wget=True
  1. TODO

  • Create additional branches for previous versions of PHP
  • Support installation of php-fpm
  • Configure launcher for MacOSX
  • Install PHUnit and other quality assurance tools
  • Install following extensions
  • imap
  • memcached
  • mysqli
  • mysqlnd
  • pcre
  • pdo_mydql
  • pdo_sqlite
  • openssl
  • redis
  • tidy
  • xdebug
  • xhprof
  • zlib
  1. Notes

If you would actually like to handle multiple versions of PHP for your projects, please seriously consider provisioning your boxes with tools such as