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An addressbook for emacs based on bookmark.el
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This is an addressbook for Emacs based on standard Emacs bookmarks. It provide completion on contacts in message-mode buffers, a special mode to display contacts with address, phone etc... If you have installed google-maps you can switch to google map based on address of your contact. It is fully compatible with helm, you will need helm-addressbook extension. To have helm completion in message buffers turn on helm-mode. You don't need helm as dependency but for a better experience you are adviced to use it.


Add addressbook-bookmark.el to your load-path and add to your init file:

 (require 'addressbook-bookmark)

If you want completion in message buffer:

 (eval-after-load "addressbook-bookmark.el" (addressbook-turn-on-mail-completion))

If you want helm completion on contacts while completing from your message buffer turn on helm-mode.


Add some contacts to bookmark:

M-x addressbook-bookmark-set

Add a contact from gnus summary:

M-x addressbook-gnus-sum-bookmark

Add a contact from a mu4e view buffer:

M-x addressbook-mu4e-bookmark

Find a contact:

If you use helm-addressbook

M-x helm-addressbook-bookmarks


M-x bookmark-bmenu-list

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