Emacs extension that display eldoc info while minibuffer is in use.
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Enable eldoc support when minibuffer is in use.


This package enables eldoc support when minibuffer is in use.

Eldoc info is shown by default in mode-line, but you can have eldoc info somewhere else by setting eldoc-in-minibuffer-show-fn to another function (e.g tooltip-show).

By default with this package M-: will use pp-eval-expression instead of eval-expression; you can change that by setting eval-preferred-function to something else.

It also provides a convenient macro to enable eldoc support in your own functions using minibuffer or in your defadvices, that is with-eldoc-in-minibuffer, e.g:

defadvice edebug-eval-expression (around with-eldoc activate)
 "This advice enable eldoc support."
 (interactive (list (with-eldoc-in-minibuffer
                       "Eval: " nil read-expression-map t

Users of own minibuffer frame will have to set eldoc-in-minibuffer-own-frame-p to non-nil.

You can turn On/Off eldoc support in minibuffer at any time with eldoc-in-minibuffer-mode.


Add to your init file:

If installed from git, add eldoc-eval.el to load-path and

(autoload 'eldoc-in-minibuffer-mode "eldoc-eval")
(eldoc-in-minibuffer-mode 1)

Otherwise only (eldoc-in-minibuffer-mode 1) is needed.