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Yet another package for emacs persistent sessions
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Yet another package for emacs persistent sessions


Less featured than other alternatives, but do it faster with a minimal configuration. All objects are saved individually in compiled files.


  • Save and restore all your buffers
  • Save and restore your last window configuration
  • Save and restore value of any vars
  • Save automatically history variables (replacement of savehist-mode)
  • Save and restore registers except windows register (you can save your windows configs though with M-x psession-save-winconf)
  • Autosave your session

Saving is done when quitting emacs (run in kill-emacs-hook), however you can save at regular time with psession-auto-save set to a non nil value if you want to have your session saved with your recentest changes in case emacs crashes.


Add "psession.el" to load-path (not needed when installed from Emacs packaging system)

Customize at least psession-object-to-save-alist, don't add here minibuffer history variables, instead enable psession-savehist-mode which will add these variables automatically.

Add to init file:

If installed from git

(require 'psession)
(psession-mode 1)

Otherwise (Melpa install) only (psession-mode 1) is needed.

For saving minibuffer history, use (psession-savehist-mode 1) as a replacement of savehist-mode.

If you want to save periodically (autosave) your emacs session, add (psession-autosave-mode 1) to your init file.

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