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Euro Stocks Widget

This is a stocks and indices widget for Mac OS X Dashboard. It was originally created because the first shipped "Stocks" widget by Apple (on Mac OS X 10.4) only supported US based stocks and indices. Hence the "Euro Stocks" widget was born, getting its data from Yahoo Finance, which did support retrieval of all stock codes (including European). Later on, Apple did the same, sourcing the widget's data from Yahoo Finance. As such, this widget was no longer needed, but to my surprise, it still has a couple of thousand active users.

I created this widget for fun, since I don't own any stocks, nor do I have any particular interest in them. Just the feeling that there are people all over the world using this small piece of software that I made, keeps me maintaining it.

Here's a screenshot:
Euro Stocks Widget

And here's a link to the widget's own page on my blog:

System Requirements

Mac OS X and higher (Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion)


European Stocks Widget for Mac OS X Dashboard






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