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Build a Docker container

Build an API manager docker image

Get a git clone of the build repository.

git clone

Download Oracle JDK 7 tar.gz (not JDK 8) and place it in '/dockerfiles/base/dist/'

mv <download path>/jdk-7u55-linux-x64.tar.gz /dockerfiles/base/dist/

Download WSO2 API manager and place that in '/dockerfiles/base/dist/'

mv <download path>/ /dockerfiles/base/dist/

Change directory to '/dockerfiles/base/'.

cd dockerfiles/base/

Run docker command to build image.

docker build -t apim_image .

Start a Docker container

Start API manager from the build image

Start in interactive mode

docker run -i -t --name apim_test apim_image 

Start in daemon mode

docker run -d    --name apim_test apim_image