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HallenprojektStatus For OSX

Super alpha status bar app for

This is my first cocoa app, which means it is hackish and its development involved a lot of trial and error. Help is appreciated.


The most recent version can be found here.

Requirements to build diskimage

  • Xcode
  • Ruby
  • rubygems
  • rake (gem install rake)
  • choctop (gem install choctop)

Building a disk image

  1. run rake cleanup
  2. run rake dmg
  3. open appcast/build/HallenprojektStatus.dmg


Please check here

  • Add unit tests
  • Reconnect to server if credentials were invalid
  • Make the application background only. I couldn't figure out how to get it working with the preference window.
  • User preferences for favorite locations
  • Use WIFI SSID and/or core location to list the closest places first
  • Create proper http post requests with content type set to 'application/json'
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