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  • another speed improvement by only clearing cookies instead of closing browsers after each scenario (dewind)


  • fixed memory leaks within the java process by clearing proxies (dewind)
  • fixed syntax error when sending multiline lambdas (endor, langalex)


  • removed separate development and continuous integration environments and replaced them with a single one (thilo)
  • more webrat like step definitions (lupine)
  • improve on stability issues (mattmatt)


  • fixed RemoteBrowser#confirm called celerity remove_listener with invalid arguments
  • extended communication protocol to be able to send procs as arguments and blocks
  • default mail delivery method is now 'persistent', ActionMailer::Base.deliveries works again in features


  • added javascript helper to make 'I wait for the AJAX call to finish' work reliably (langalex)

Before that

Lots of important contributions from a bunch of people. check the commit logs.