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+# RP Condorcet
-Evaluation system scripts
+## Introduction
+### What is the RP Condorcet method?
+The ranked pairs (RP) Condorcet method is a voting system that, given a
+set of preferences ballots, produces a sorted list of winners. It
+guarantees that each winner is the candidate that was prefered, in a
+pair-confrontation, to all those ranked lower. This method has been
+created by Nicolaus Tideman in 1987.
+> "If there is a candidate who is preferred over the other candidates,
+when compared in turn with each of the others, RP guarantees that
+candidate will win." [1]
+Compared to the basic Condorcet method, RP always produces an answer
+because it is not paralysed by the tricky case known as the voting
+paradox [2].
+### What is this script?
+Given a file (formatted as described below), this script computes the RP
+Condorcet method on the corresponding vote and produces a sorted list of
+the winners of this vote. Ties are supported.
+The script was created and tested using [3], and it follows perfectly
+its behavior with all the examples, simple to complex, that were tested.
+## Usage
+### Script call
+The script displays its usage when called without any argument.
+To compute the result of a vote with the RP Condorcet method, just give
+a file name as an argument to the script:
+ $> ./ FILENAME
+You can enable the _verbose mode_ by adding the `-v` option:
+ $> ./ -v FILENAME
+### File format
+Here is an example of a file used by the script:
+ # A := Albert
+ # J := John
+ 40: A > J > S
+ S=J>A
+ 35:J>S>A
+ # S := Seiko
+ 25:S > A = J
+The file describing a vote which we want to evaluate with this script
+must follow this rule: __each of its line must be of one of the
+following types:__
+1. __EMPTY LINE__: this line is only composed of blanks (possibly spaces
+ and tabulations, and a _end-of-line_ character).
+2. __BALLOT LINE__: `[<NUM>:] <ID> {<SEP> <ID>}*`, where:
+ * `[X]` means that `X` is optionnal,
+ * `{X}*` means that `X` can be repeated zero or more times,
+ * `<NUM>` represents the number of ballots of the described kind,
+ * `<ID>` is an __identifier__, that is a sequence of one or more
+ characters delimited by spaces, tabulations, end-of-line or `<SEP>`,
+ * `<SEP>` is a __separator__ and is either ">" or "=". For instance,
+ "X > Y" means that X is prefered to Y, and "X = Y" means that X and
+ Y are equally evaluated by the voter.
+3. __ALIAS LINE__: `# <ID> := <SENTENCE>`, where `<ID>` is the name used
+ in the ballot lines and `<SENTENCE>` is any sequence of characters
+ ended by a _end-of-line_ character.
+An __alias line__ is used by the script when displaying the result of the
+vote: it replace the `<ID>` by the `<SENTENCE>` everywhere it has to be
+printed. This way, one can easily write a ballot file with simple, short
+`<ID>`s, and get back a comfortable, complete display of the result. If
+more than one alias line exists for the same `<ID>`, only the last one
+will be used.
+__The blank characters are mainly ignored__, except in a `<SENTENCE>`, so
+that you can write your vote file in a clear, human-readable way.
+## References
+* [1]:\_Pairs
+* [2]:\_paradox
+* [3]:
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