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CoffeeScript on JScript.
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CoffeeScript on JScript

What is this?

This is a wrapper of CoffeeScript compiler works on JScript. No need cygwin!

What is CoffeeScript?

See .


Usage: coffee [options] path/to/

  -b, --bare         compile without the top-level function wrapper
  -c, --compile      compile to JavaScript and save as .js files
      --encoding     character encoding used by source files
  -e, --eval         compile a string from the command line
  -h, --help         display this help message
  -j, --join         concatenate the scripts before compiling
  -n, --nodes        print out the parse tree that the parser produces
  -o, --output       set the directory for compiled JavaScript
  -p, --print        print the compiled JavaScript to stdout
  -s, --stdio        listen for and compile scripts over stdio
  -t, --tokens       print the tokens that the lexer produces
  -v, --version      display CoffeeScript version
  -w, --watch        watch scripts for changes, and recompile


  • The file "coffee-script.js" included in this repository is a part of CoffeeScript. You can get the latest version of this from the following.

  • This script works on JScript. So, some functions and objects that can be used by node.js cannot be used.

  • Some problems are known in the direct running(without --compile).

    • Can not know the point that the error occurred.
    • Can not treat the arguments of command line.
  • StdIn and StdOut of JScript can not treat binary data.

    • These are treat data as system default encoding.
    • If the output breaks, please try --encoding option.
    • Processing about file is performed with binary.
    • If how you treat binary data is known, please let me know.


Version:    1.5.6
Author:     thinca <>
License:    zlib License


1.5.6 2012-05-17

  • Updated coffee-script.js to 1.3.3.

1.5.5 2012-04-25

  • Updated coffee-script.js to 1.3.1.

1.5.4 2011-12-20

  • Updated coffee-script.js to 1.2.0.

1.5.3 2011-12-10

  • Added --encoding option.

1.5.2 2011-12-01

  • Improved for multibyte character.
  • Updated coffee-script.js to 1.1.3.

1.5.1 2011-07-13

  • Fixed the watching of directory.

1.5 2011-07-13

  • Added --join option.
  • Added --watch option.
  • Fixed the error with an empty file.

1.4 2011-07-08

  • Improved the handling of error.
  • Fixed some behaviors.

1.3 2011-07-08

  • Added --tokens option.
  • Added --version option.

1.2 2011-07-07

  • Added --output option.
  • Fixed bug that can not compile.

1.1 2011-07-07

  • Directory support.

1.0 2011-07-07

  • Initial Version.
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