pure Ruby; bring OFX specification to happy coders; encapsulate complexities of parsing any version of spec; provide unified model for productive financial programming; make it possible to generate document instances
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== OFXRB, the Pure Ruby OFX (Open Financial Exchange) Library

OFXRB is *the* solution to parsing and generating OFX documents in Ruby.
If you don't know what OFX is, you probably wouldn't be looking at this,
but, to be complete: The Open Financial Exchange specification defines an
information exchange protocol for financial applications. That essentially
means that we now have an agreed upon way to represent what is in our bank
accounts, initiate electronic transactions, and receive responses to those
requests. OFX has been developed by Microsoft, Intuit and CheckFree. You
can learn more at http://www.ofx.net.

== Getting Started

The best way to get OFXRB is using RubyGems. Since OFXRB is an open-source
project hosted on RubyForge (http://rubyforge.org), this means that all you
have to do to get the most recent stable build is:

  sudo gem install ofxrb

To use it in your code, you need to follow the directions found over here

Once you have the library available to your Ruby program, you will need to
parse an OFX document or generate one.

== Parsing Documents


The 'ofx_doc' is anything that walks like a String. OFXRB will figure out
what version of the spec the doc is - and will complain if it doesn't
know - and return an object structure representing the document given.
This is where things get more interesting, and are a bit undefined at this
point in time. For now, it might be best to read the code to understand
what is available to you.

== Generating Documents