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@thindil thindil released this Nov 25, 2018 · 231 commits to 3.0 since this release

This release brings only fixed bugs for stable release.


  • Raised maximum amount of modules for huge adamantium hull
  • Raised default durability of huge orichalcum engine and orichalcum harpoon
  • Updated


  • Some typos in changelog
  • Removing mobs from game data
  • Chance for damage for items during usage
  • Going on break after finishing crafting
  • Log entry about removed mob
  • Scrolling messages list to last message
  • Even more autoresize GUI elements on mouse hover (issue #31)
  • Dying in combat from lack of fuel
  • Index for small steel training room
  • Crash on showing know events list
  • Crash on asking friendly ships for bases and events
  • Saving crew members home base and faction
  • Crash in combat on destroying module in player ship
  • Repair material for titanium armor
  • Setting player ship speed after combat
  • Entering text cause activation of menu
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