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Welcome to thingSoC - Open Source Sockets that enable easy hardware integration for building the Internet of Things; powered by PatternAgents, RSVP-SIS and Moxon Design.


This wiki is the main source of documentation for developers working with (or contributing to) the thingSoC project. If this is your first time hearing about thingSoC, we recommend starting with the thingSoC website.

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[[About thingSoC thingSoC-overview]] [[Project & Community thingSoC-project-and-community]]
Introducing thingSoC - why we built it and what it is About this open-source project, our community and how to contribute A step-by-step guide to using thingSoC Detailed technical documentation on thingSoC and its sub-systems

Questions or need help?

Check out our Talk to us page for different ways of getting in touch.

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